A Problem of Hair Loss and Ways to Avoid

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As reported by Luqman, M. W., Ramzan, M. H., Javaid, U., Ali, R., Shoaib, M., & Luqman, M. A. (2018), hairs are not only importance part of human body as their individual’s personality but they also make human more confidence. That’s why most of people try many methods to make their hairs shinning and healthy. Unluckily not everyone has beautiful hairs, some of them worry about their hair loss. This term paper attends to found the cause of hair loss, it can help people know the exactly reasons of this cause. By Goluch-Koniuszy, Z. S, (2016) wrote it have no problem when hair loss around 70 to 100 hairs everyday, however if hairs loss more than 100 hairs longer than a few weeks it become a problem for those people.

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Rakesh, K., Shukla Karunakar, D., Mahajan, S. C., & Sharma, M. (2016) explained that there are many causes of hair loss such as dihydrotestosterone (derivative of testosterone, a male hormone), poor blood flow, sebum emotional strains, stresses and nervous disorders, aging, infections, hormonal imbalance, polluted environment, toxic substances, injury and impairment, radiation. (Page 13) The same as Rakesh, K., Shukla Karunakar, D., Mahajan, S. C., & Sharma, M. (2016), Nabahin, A., Abou Eloun, A., & Abu Naser, S. S. (2017) show the same result, however these researchers add a common reason is Alopecia Areata. According to these two-research papers, I would like to select 2 main causes such as Stress, and Alopecia Areata to discuss about cause of hair loss.

For the first reason of cause of hair loss is Stress. The researches by Nabahin, A., Abou Eloun, A., & Abu Naser, S. S. (2017) show that some people loss their hair because of stress, it can happen 3 months after they stressful and need 3 months more to let’s their hairs growth again after they terminate their stress. Overall, if those people don’t have Predisposed to genetic or Androgenic Alopecia (for man is male-pattern baldness, for woman is the hair become thinner all over the dead), it just an impermanent case for them when they loss their hair every time they are stressful. Furthermore, it is different stress, which call “Oxidative stress”.

Trüeb, R. M. (2015) reported “Oxidative stress reflects an imbalance between the systemic manifestation of reactive oxygen species and a biological system’s ability to detoxify the reactive intermediates or to repair the resulting damage.” Moreover, Sources of oxidative stress with impact on the pre-emerging fibre include oxidative metabolism, smoking, UVR and inflammation from microbial, pollutant or irritant origins. Sources of oxidative stress with impact on the post-emerging fibre include UVR, chemical insults and oxidized scalp lipids.

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