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Causes And Characteristics Of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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“Imagine all your worst thoughts as a soundtrack running through your mind 24/7, day after day”, this is a quote by Adam Walker Cleveland, the team leader of children’s health care. This disorder was been found in twentieth century by Pierre Janet and Sigmund Freud, and it was called as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). There are about 2. 2 million people in the world suffer from it and estimately 30 percent of them experienced when they were young. OCD has 3 main causes and a few treatments by medicines and psychologists. People with OCD always feel anxious and difficult to ignore the feeling but this is not dangerous expect they miss some great moments of life because they pay too much attention on details and are afraid of messing up with everything. Actually, people with OCD have high intelligence which is above the average. In the rest of this report I will be giving single details about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.


The causes of OCD disorder has not been identified yet clearly but the 3 mains are: genetic causes, biological causes, environmental causes. Genetic causes is a kind of “family disorder” which means it spread by DNA. It runs in your family. If your dad or mom has OCD, you might have it when you born. Since you get this disorder, it might develop itself and hard to be getting rid of it. But the specific gene has not identified.

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Biological causes is like some irregular links are found and sending wrong messages to your brain to tell you do the wrong things. For example you washed your hands for 3 times but your brain still told you that your hands are dirty. It makes you rewash your hands. The last cause is called “ environmental causes ” which means affected by the things or people around you. You might even learn from others such as parents with OCD.


There are 3 different types of OCDs and different people have totally different OCDs.

  1. Checking. People have this type of OCD always check everything they have done for example windows, doors or fire.
  2. Contamination / Mental Contamination. People with this kind of OCD often afraid of illness. They would think others have illness which might infects him/her.
  3. Accumulation: Another obsession long considered part of the “OCD” is the inability to dispose of useless or worn goods, commonly known as “accumulation”.


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