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Vaping is synonymous to the terms “safer or healthy” in many people’s mind. However, can you say for sure you know that vaping is a safer version than smoking? vaping and smoking is an addicting drug due to the nicotine, the only difference is vaping has chemicals instead of tobacco. Putting unknown chemicals into your body probably isn’t the healthiest option for your body. Vaping is advertised not only to adults who struggle with smoking but too young kids who haven’t even finished developing their minds yet. Looking at statistic on what actually is causing young people to die in hospitals from vaping, Doctors don’t even know if it’s actually the vaping or if it’s something traced within the vapes. All they know is that they recommend you do not vape or inhale chemicals until actual evidence is present of vaping being a safer option. On the contrary, some statistics show that vaping helps former smokers to quit, it could even be a better version of quitting than the patches. Vaping is just another version of smoking or a gateway to smoking as you get more addicted to age. Vaping is advertised almost exactly like smoking; it is going to cause young children and adults to become addicted and it should be banned for the sake of everyone’s health.

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Vaping was designed in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. Benjamin W. Chaffee, a professor at the university of California explains what’s really in these devices. These battery-powered devices create an inhalable aerosol, commonly called vapor, by heating a liquid mixture (e-liquid), which typically contains propylene glycol or glycerin, along with nicotine, flavorants, and other additives (Chaffee 86). The vape consists of three components; the cartridge which holds flavoring or chemicals and nicotine, heating device called an atomizer or vaporizer, and a battery that provides a power source. People don’t even know what they are inhaling when using these devices. They continue to buy vapes without even checking what ingredients it contains on the warning label. They have been known to contain toxins like; Acetaldehyde, acrolein, toluene, and formaldehyde at much lower levels than cigarettes. Acetaldehyde; a clear liquid that burns easily and when used for long periods of time in can be harmful. Acrolein; irritating to the upper respiratory tract even at low concentrations and is highly toxic. Toluene; a highly flammable liquid and its main effect is on the brain and nervous system but can also damage your kidneys and liver. Formaldehyde; causes chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, and nose and throat irritation. It can also be linked to an increase risk of asthma and allergies in young children. These might be at a much lower level but vapes now have an option to have more powerful batteries which allows them to adjust the length and frequency. It allows the user to activate the heating coil with the touch of a button. When you mess with the voltage or power of the device it effects the amount of nicotine and toxins. These vaping devices come in different forms including vapor pens, e-hookah, vape pipes, and other forms. Each device has different concerns, if your going to try vaping make sure you do research into what’s going to be your safest option.

Vaping is now considered as cool or popular especially with younger children. Vaping is not advertised towards children but yet they have fruity flavors that kids are drawn towards. Children are still developing their brains and nicotine is addictive which alters brain functioning. Even some adults are at risk since the brain doesn’t stop developing till about the age of twenty-five. Addiction generally happens before the age of eighteen, schools are finding more kids in high school are becoming addicted at much younger ages. Sally Huey and Margaret Granitto are instructors at Georgetown University, school of nursing and health studies, in Washington D.C. They have concerns that the progress made towards disease prevention is going to be reversed with e-cigarettes. Easy access coupled with flavoring makes e-cigarette especially appealing to children, adolescents, and young adults. As of early 2014, e-cigarette products were available in over 466 brands and 7,764 unique flavors with about 242 new flavors added per month. Public health strides to reverse the trend of youth tobacco use may be challenged by a product used by celebrities that are viewed as cool (Huey and Granitto 3). The flavorings are causing young children to want to try vaping since it seems harmless like candy flavors. Vaping is now considered cool and popular especially for ages as young as thirteen or fourteen. If vapes are not banned for everyone, at least get rid of the flavors in vapes that draw young children towards vaping.

The effects of these vape devices have recently caused more than 500 severe lung illnesses in 38 states and eight cases resulting in death. Some of these cases are inflamed lungs, raised blood pressure which could lead to a heart attack, and nausea in the stomach. This could be just the start, and nobody really knows what effects are going to result from vaping. The lack of long-term research is what’s allowing people who vape to see it as softer or a safer version. Is vaping a safer version than smoking? The “evidence” that is present right now for vaping being a safer version is actually not all one hundred percent true and could be considered flimsy facts. The only thing that could be considered somewhat true would be vaping being less toxic than cigarettes but even then, that could be false due to no long-term statistics present.

Vaping whether it is a safer version or not it still has nicotine in it, along with toxic chemicals. Nicotine causes addiction for teens at the age of eighteen generally and leads to a lifetime of problems that could potentially ruin their lives. Putting any chemicals that don’t belong in your body should not be an option for younger children and adults. Vaping is toxic and should be banned not only from children but from everyone.          

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