Causes of Noise Pollution in My City

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Sound is a necessity in our day to day lives but not noise. The term ‘noise’ means unwanted and unpleasant sound which causes discomfort. Many negative impacts on mental and physical health are caused due to nose pollution. The sound more than 130 dB causes noise pollution. Below are some causes of noise pollutions. Noise pollution arises from many causes such as transportation, industrial growth, street noises, aircraft and many other.

In my city, automobiles are the major cause of noise pollution. The increasing number of vehicles on roads causes traffic jams which eventually increases the noise pollution. Heavy motor vehicles, two wheelers increase the traffic volume which can also be hazardous for heart patients. Poor urban development gives rise to the traffic problem in the city which increases the noise pollution.

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Industries are increasing day by day in our city, which is one big cause for noise pollution. Engineering companies, textiles industries, construction sites contribute towards noise pollution. Many small-scale industries are running in the residential areas in our city which creates discomfort for the people living in that area.

Street noises also contribute heavily in increasing noise pollution. The people of Karachi are playing their part in increasing noise pollution by using the best quality loudspeakers at functions. Which also counts in being insensitive towards the citizens. Wedding ceremonies are incomplete without firecrackers. These events ruin the night of the people living nearby. These while increasing the pollution can also cause danger to the people around especially kids and elderly people.

Noise pollution is a serious, though underrated problem for the humans. It causes a number of harmful effects both on health and the efficiency of performance. The most significant harmful effects are hearing loss, irritability, insomnia, and reduced work performance. Karachi being a very important city containing airports and seaports has an increased noise pollution as compared to other cities of Pakistan. Effective measures must be taken in time by the government to control noise pollution.

Cheating is defined in the dictionary as, a deception for profit to yourself; violation of accepted standards or rules. However, people nowadays don’t care about what it really is and what its consequences can be. Students cheat in assignments, examination and even in homework.

If students have the chance, they try to copy someone else’s homework, assignments or even final paper. Cheating is burying the abilities and creativity of our youth, making them lazy and they don’t acquire any knowledge. Making mistakes is a way to learn, and if someone cheats then he or she can never attain the knowledge for which he or she is attending the class.

The people who cheat will always find other means to achieve their goals. A student who works very hard passes the exam and the one who cheated also passed it, this can make the hard-working student less confident and he or she can also quit working hard. Cheating can lose your self-respect. If caught during cheating, a student can be expelled or failed from the course.

Cheating in schools and colleges can be a habit and you are more likely to behave dishonestly on the job. Teachers must educate students about the importance of high ethical standards.

Everyone needs friends in their life, they are a source of comfort for us and support us through thick and thin. In our life, we come across different types of friends, all of them teach us one thing or the other. There are fake friends, those friends who only pretend to be your good friend because of their selfish nature. Then there are those friends who are only with you because of your social status. But there are some true friends as well.

I have had many types of friends, some of them seemed very nice at the beginning but later they showed their true colors. Those were not the true friends I was looking for. They were fake, because they just pretended to be nice although they didn’t feel about me that way. It is very hard to distinguish the right from the wrong. This kind of friends are only with you because of their needs. They try to take advantage of you. They use you from your own good and it is very difficult to realize when you are being used from your friends.

The second type of friends in my life were those friends who were there for me only for my position. I have always been a bright student in my class and some people were there with me only for the good part. They were not very helpful and they were definitely not there with me when I was in need. These friends are only with you when you are popular and leave you when you have any problems.

There are some good friends as well. This is the third type of friends that I have in my life. They are always there for you regardless of the situation. They help you, console you and support you in every matter of your life. They friends are hard to find and impossible to lose. Such friends are a blessing in your life and not everyone can have true friends in their lives. Some people are very fortunate to have these gems in their lives and I am one of them. I have a few good friends who are always there for me.

To have a true friend, you must be one. There are many types of friends that come and go from our lives but each one of them teach us something and that is how we grow and learn about this world. This world has both good and bad in it. Therefore, we must appreciate our true friends and stick with them even in the hardest situations.

Fast-food restaurants have become very popular in Karachi in the past few years. Youngsters specially are addicted to fast-food without realizing the effects. Not like the old age population who grew up eating healthy food, the young generation cannot think of living without having fast-food. The advertising on television of many fast-food restaurants attracts public towards fast-food.

These places are popular because students in colleges and universities always go to such places to celebrate. This young generation needs excuses to go out and eat. It has now become a trend to celebrate birthdays at fast-food restaurants. Youths are now becoming addicted to fast-foods therefore it is common to go out sometimes in a month. When people can’t go out, they order fast-food, making the fast-food restaurant famous.

Fast-food joints have great business in Karachi, nowadays international brands are opening their outlets in Karachi. The reviews and advertisements on the taste help the restaurants to become more and more popular. Every area has now at least two fast-food restaurants, which are always crowded with people despite the time of the day.

These restaurants are also getting popular due the interior design and fancy decorations. Some restaurants are also based on themes which is very much loved by people. These attractions are also a major cause to attract people to these restaurants. One other reason of this popularity is the deals offered by the fast-food restaurants. Friends always keep an eye on such offers to celebrate and eat out.

A teacher is someone who not only teaches us but also builds our character. We are not the only one that works hard but our teacher works harder on us so that we attain a high status in this society. This will not only be our success but the success of our teacher too. There are many kinds of teachers I have studied from, some teachers are strict, some are friendly while some teachers have their favorite students.

The first type of teacher I have studied from in the strict one. Such kind of teachers are very strict with the rules and regulations. They sometimes scold us for our own good. These teachers are not very friendly and do not give better grades easily. These teachers give assignments and projects but never extend the due date.

Next comes the teacher which is friendly. These teachers rarely get angry and teach students in a friendly way. Better grades are easier to achieve with these kind of teachers as the students are very much interested in the subject due to the friendliness if the teacher. Students are very likely to share their problems with these teachers.

The third type of teacher I studied from are the teachers that although teach very nicely and in a friendly way but they do not treat their students equally. These teachers have some favorite students and other students observe that they pay greater attention on those students. They talk to them nicely and treat them better from all. This does not change the way the teacher changes but sometimes students don’t like such things done by the teacher.

We can read, write and are socially respected. It is all due to the teachers regardless the types. We should respect and appreciate the hard-work and efforts done by our teachers and should strive to become a better human like our teachers.

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