Causes of Plagiarism and Modern Pirates

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Plagiarism has become a major issue among student or worker around the world. Plagiarism is copying another person’s ideas, writing or pretending that they are one’s own work. Plagiarism is considered as a fraud in the writing world. Nowadays, everyone can access to the Internet to get information to complete their task. They tend to copy and paste the information without mentioning the source of the information. Due to easy use of technology, plagiarism problem is getting worse day by day. The Little Book of Cheating, Plagiarism and Unfair Practice written by Task and Finish group from Leeds Metropoliton University stated that summarizing of another’s work without giving them credit, unauthorized another person’s ideas without their knowledge and the addition of another person’s work without their acknowledgement are the example of plagiarism.

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The first cause of plagiarism and modern pirates is some party want to gain profit in a short period. Based on the article given, a Vietnamese firm copied Neelofar’s hijab products. This firm used her design and sold it in a cheaper price compared to the original. The Vietnamese firm earn lots of money because Neelofar Hijab is a well-known product in the world. As a buyer, we tend to buy a cheaper product and this cause Neelofar Hijab to lose some profit because this product were sold in Malaysia too. Besides, a few shops in Kajang and Gombak were raided by the police and the police seized scores of headscarves. At the same time, some individual sold cheap recopied DVDs on the streets. Besides that, Elly Fazaniza wrote an article in The Sun newspaper on 14 September 2018 about 14,000 motorists with fake licences- 12 RTD men nabbed. This article shows that licences can be obtained illegally from the RTD staff by paying them between RM 2000 and RM 3500 to get licences without taking any test. This shows that plagiarism can give a huge impact of a company’s profit and image.

Secondly, plagiarism occurred when students want to pass an exam easily. Based on the report, 95.7 % of the university student have been involved in plagiarism in one way or the other. Many colleges and universities students used an article and presented it using their own way. With this practices, many of them got their degree. Besides, students may have poor time management skills. Many students like to postpone or do last minute work when they receive an assignment. As a solution to finish up their assignment fast before the due date, they tend to search the related information and used it in their assignment without mentioning the source. Many of them beliefs that they will not get caught by their lecturer or instructors. According to an article written by Megawati Omar, ‘Putting a stop to plagiarism’ published on 5 June 2011 stated that plagiarism occurred among students because of they wanted to pass their examinations.

Thirdly, some people are unaware of the rules and regulations and unwitting plagiarism. For example, pos Malaysia was caught using a photographer’s work in their stamp without the permission of the photographer. In addition, two submissions for advertising awards were rejected because it contain others published works from across the world. Next, lack of knowledge about proper citations and references are one of the causes of plagiarism. In Singapore, the children of former Premier Lee Kuan Yew, Dr Lee Wei Ling and the present Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong had an argument. Dr Lee submitted a story to Straits Times but Ivan Fernandez, the ST editor, rejected the story because that piece of story were plagiarized and were picked from an uncertain blog and others from the Guardian of London. Although Dr Lee apologized and said she simply forget to acknowledge the source of information. This shows plagiarism are not accepted in journalism world.

Lastly, the causes of plagiarism is they intentionally presenting someone’s ideas or work. Some people steal other people’s work and use it on their website without giving credit to the original writer or the publishers. For example, they can offer their apps on Playstore or iTunes after stealing someone’s idea or work.

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