Causes of the Second Cold War

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In recent world history a very elaborate and carefully planned wars can be seen unfolding throughout its course. These wars called the ‘Cold Wars’ wound around the influential countries and bought about a huge change in how the international relationship policies worked. Cold wars are not ought to right wars or battles but intricately designed plans and moments to get ahead of one another, deigning any credibility of who is at war officially.

The Government of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia feels as if the world might be sitting at the edge of yet another cold war, a war of epic proportions way bigger and more influential than previous ones before it.

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We, The Government of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it is in favor of countries and organization making any attempts or resolutions made in combating the prevention of the outbreak of any cold war and stopping any current ongoing issues with the Islamic Republic of Iran and is ready to co-operate and provide help in any possible manner. We here at Saudi Arabia although being a Muslim Majority country are ready to provide help to all other countries without religion being influencer in our decisions.

We here Saudi Arabia have been always open to offering help to Islamic Countries even being stated as the Arab Stronghold because of this. Although we admit to having a very controversial present on the given agenda but we too are affected by the given conditions. It’s our people who again strive to pay the taxes and money the war requires. We again want to clear the fact that we are ready to resort to our maximum limits without hurting the religious sentiment of our population to help any organization or country in curbing this problem.

Blatant Irrelevancy on the part of social media has also been a problem to us as any minor incident between our country and afore mentioned countries is blown out of proportions and the problems that could be solved easily become the forefront of making our image as a Muslimist Extremist country and having no regard for any other country or religion.

We here at Saudi Arabia want to help re-enforce the fact that the above mentioned statements are not true. And we would stretch our hand as much as possible to help solve this problem.

Division on communal and socio-religious lines has been the forefront of any cold war strategies. By doing so it creates uncertainty and a sense of insecurity against one’s own country men and women.

The Syrian Crisis has also lead to the increase of this deep rooted problem. Wars hold the key to destruction of another country and potential rise of one’s country over the over the other. Although devastation is maximum it seems plausible to many. Saudi Arabia wants to clarify the fact that it aligns with countries and organizations which strive to end the wars not one’s which participate and expect returns or colonial or any kind of domination over any country.

Saudi Arabia wants to deal with the present situation with the calm head as we feel that both us and Iraq are losing out on what could be a more fruitful relation between our countries being Muslim Majority countries and having a couple of level problems. We want to end this strive and become peaceful allies. We want to compensate for any losses caused to the Islamic Republic of Iran and would like to end the matter as soon as possible.

We also want to say that we will not take lightly any acts of irrelevant and out of proportion stories against us unless it can be verified by legitimate sources. We do understand the fact that people all over the world are concerned about the issue but Saudi Arabia has no claim in it being the aggressor in the afore mentioned cases. We would like to resolve the issue with diplomacy and reach a conclusion suitable for all countries and have consent for people all over the world. Our actions and any alignments we make are though through and are made on the bases of achieving world peace and sustainability. Our recent actions of aligning with USA for the Syrian Crisis are reminiscent of out ideology of helping people rise up and throw their dictatorial government. We do not want to start a war but end the one on peaceful and diplomatic terms.

At the same time Saudi Arabia will not tolerate any acts of war or religious separation in the name of Islam and would take up military means if the conditions warrant it.

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