Causes of the Teenage Suicide


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In this paper, I plan to argue that teen suicide is a real issue in the society, we live in today. It’s starting to become more common among the teens in our community. People all around us are constantly being affected by this issue. In my hometown, in 2016, five teens committed suicide within weeks of each other. This weighed heavy on my community during this time, people even started to begin labeling it as a suicide pact. Students from within the area staged a walkout, to protest. I’ve had many close friends and family affected. There is no reason why our youth should be crying for help at such a young age. What is our generation doing so differently that is causing our teens to not want to live anymore?

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This experience is the reason I want to write my essay on this topic. I want to show the stigma that society is putting on our youth. I also would like to show how they are hurting and how they don’t have a voice when it comes to suicide. This is also in my field of interest because I want to become a social worker one day. I want to give people a reason to live and enjoy life. Life is too short, and we need to enjoy it while we can with the ones we love. I’m passionate about helping people because I know what it feels like to be hurting. I hope to share these testimonies with my clients.

I plan to do further research on these issues I have presented. I will continue to elaborate on them as I write more of my essay. The four key points, I wish to make are why do teens commit suicide? the problem of teen suicide, is it preventable? how can our society make changes to fix this issue? While preparing to write my essay, I will order the points in my discussion in the following way: (a) the problem of teen suicide, (b) why do teens commit suicide?, (c) is it preventable?, (d) how can our society make changes to fix this issue? The reason I chose to present my topics this way is that I think it’s important to first address the problem, figure out why, and then make a plan of action to change the situation. As I begin to develop my essay, I will add more main points and some sub-points as well. I plan to research at the school library to check out books, scholarly articles, and movies associated with my topic. For the topics listed above, I have already begun to research depression, mental health, and bullying. I’ve already started to really see how these factors can contribute to suicide attempts.

An example I will use in my introduction (thesis statement) to capture the audience’s attention is “ Evidence states that teens of today’s communities are at a high risk of suicide which is beginning to negatively impact our generation. People of the community and mental health professionals should take more precaution to their teens well being.” I think this statement really provides a strong start to my persuasive essay. The point of my paper I’m writing is to give my reader, a sense of perspective on real-life issues that exist in our world today. I also want to prove how it is negatively shaping our generation. If we don’t do something it will just keep getting worse over time. It’s unfortunate, how many people are affected and how it’s really impacted their perspective on life. I also will be providing solutions to the evolving issues. if we don’t start to make changes now there’s no telling what things could look like in years to come. What do you think future generations will think of these issues? What if we just stand by and watch? What will happen then? Do you think we could really make a change?

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