CBD Edibles For Tinnitus Treatment

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The condition known as Tinnitus, pronounced as /TIN-ih-tus/ is the scenario where patients suffering from other lying issues like hearing loss, various types of ear injuries and circulatory system malfunction would begin to suffer from a repeated ringing or noise in their ears. This is a common and very recurring condition affecting 1 out of 5 people who live around the world. While Tinnitus may be considered to be very annoying for those who have to carry around the constant noise in their ears, it is usually a symptom of many other chronic medical conditions Tinnitus is manageable by several conventional and non-conventional medicines but it usually gets worse as the patients go older. The best way to deal with tinnitus is to find the underlying issue and treat it.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Today, marijuana has attained legal status in many of the states across America and the global perception is shifting steadily positioning it as a multi-utility drug capable of dealing with just about any symptom. Daily, scientists continue to research this naturally occurring substance in a bid to fully understand the effects it has on the body. Cannabidiol or known as CBD is one of the major compounds found in the 104 chemical compounds that are present in marijuana. Now what makes CBD very special is the fact that CBD does not induce the feeling of euphoria after it has been consumed. This is what makes is very different than the other compounds found in marijuana like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is psychoactive. This is the sole reason why CBD is preferred by people who are looking for a drug that can provide the same relief marijuana provides without the euphoria. And thanks to many years of research that has been carried out on this substance, a lot more has been unlocked about the endless possibilities this sole compound can offer to the entire human race. These days, after it has been extracted from marijuana, CBD is made into edibles, oils, creams and so on for easy useCBD edibles to be particular have received extra praise for the great benefits it possesses. These edibles are simple meals that have a form of CBD cooked into them. The more common form of edibles includes cupcakes, brownies and so on. Here is a list of some of the benefits you gain you when you eat up a CBD edible.

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Benefits of CBD Edibles:

  1. It provides you with lasting soothing relief: CBD edibles have multiple advantages over simply smoking marijuana or consuming a vape pen. And although it may take the CBD edibles a longer period to hit your system, it results in a longer period of relief. Because the CBD is combined with another foodstuff, the CBD is slowly released over a period of time as the food completes the digestion process leading to a long-lasting CBD experience.
  2. They are easy to prescribe and fit into your everyday routine: With CBD oils or vape pen or smoking, measuring the exact amount you are consuming could be very difficult. Also, it is almost impossible to whip out your vape pen or CBD in your break room at the office in order to get your afternoon dose. CBD edibles allow you to consume them at any time under the guise they are just like any other meal your colleagues are having in the break room. Also, most edibles come in pre-dose servings helping you know how much CBD you are consuming per time.

Other benefits of edibles include its easy availability meaning you never have to miss a dose, and it’s therapeutic effects on the body once consumed. These benefits are part of the reason why CBD edibles are becoming more popular.

Edibles and Tinnitus

As the number of diseases and symptoms treatable by CBD edibles continue to increase, it was only a matter of time when patients suffering from Tinnitus would turn to the compound in a bid to find a permanent cure for their condition. Currently, there has been little scientific study or research done that explores the relationship between CBD edibles and tinnitus. There is, however, an increasing number of tinnitus patients who have used them on their own regard and have had positive results. This should come as no surprise, given the numerous benefits, these edibles offer the body. After CBD, what next?

Just eating your edibles do little to put your body together over a long period of time. Eventually, the drug stops keeping the ringing at bay and you are back from where you began. Ensuring, a relapse does not occur requires multiple intentional steps put together to ensure the continued dormancy of the condition in your body. To get ahead, it would be good to start by figuring out what brought about tinnitus as a symptom. Figuring this out will help your doctor figure out the best regiment for your body. In addition to that, a few changes may need to be adapted to your everyday life to help you deal with your new life with tinnitus. Here is a list of somethings to help you get started:

  1. Be more physical – Involve cardio into all your daily routines. Doing this will relax your body causing the body to release its own natural cannabinoids.
  2. Reduce or get rid of caffeine from your diet – It keeps your body worked up and prevents the release of the cannabinoids.
  3. Keep your alcohol consumption levels to the least possible level. Do not go overboard – Excessive alcohol in the body could negate the effect of the edibles and cause the ringing to return.
  4. Do not try to avoid or ignore your tinnitus, owning it is the first step in order to take control.

Finally, it is important to know that the use of CBD edibles or CBD in any form should be done after consultation with your personal physician. People react differently to various treatment and taking your doctor along as you begin your treatment keeps them up to speed and ready to step in should anything go wrong.


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