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CBD Oil For Sleep Issues And Tinnitus Symptoms

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Cannabis or marijuana is nature’s gift that keeps on giving. The naturally occurring substance has multiple positive health benefits on the health and it can be used to cure or alleviate symptoms. CBD, which is one of the 104 compounds that can be found within the plan is a non-psychoactive compound favored by those who do not want to get high but seek the same effects they would get if they were using cannabis. Today, CBD is made into several products from edibles to hair products to oil and it is used to treat and alleviate a lot of medical conditions and symptoms. CBD oil, in particular, is preferred over the rest because it can be easily added to daily activities, meals and so on. This article reviews sleep issues, tinnitus and a rundown on the ideal kind of CBD oil needed to treat the symptoms.

Sleep Disorders: A Fact File

Suffering from at least one form of the many sleeping disorders out there has become a very common thing for Americans. At the moment, about 50 – 70 million Americans have one form of sleeping disorder or the other with 48% of the general population subject to snoring when they fall asleep. 39. 9% of the applicants studied by the people at the sleep association reported unintentionally falling asleep at least once during the day, with 4. 7% of the applicants admitting to falling asleep whilst driving. The bad news goes on as insomnia was identified as the most common sleep disorder out of the lot with sleep apnea coming next at second.

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Over 25 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, 9 – 21% of them being women, 24 – 31% of them are men. Of the millions of Americans suffering from obesity, 3 – 5% of them became obese due to lack of sleep. Today, the average American is getting at least 17 minutes worth of sleep more than he was last year. This was according to Dr. Mathias Basner, associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s sleep and chronobiology division. This is good news because the appropriate amount of sleep the body needs in order to function adequately is seven hours and lack of it could prove calamitous to the body. Simply put, a sleeping disorder is defined as a condition that prevents an individual from having perfect sleep. In simpler terms, they are sleep problems and they are a lot of them. Some of them include snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation, and restless legs syndrome. It is important everyone gets a bout of good sleep because it is essential for sound health and can affect multiple parts of the body like the hormone levels, mood, and weight. Lack of sleep can also lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and a possible decline in mental capacity.

With a healthy amount of sleep, the benefits accrued to the body are endless. Here are a few benefits:

  • Great sleep helps with weight watching
  • Great sleep helps with appetite
  • Great sleep improves performance and productivity
  • Great sleep maximizes physical performance
  • Great sleep minimizes the risk of having a stroke or heart conditions.

For the millions of people living with sleep disorders, dealing with sleeping disorders is usually really difficult and depending on the type of disorder you are diagnosed with, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on traditional medicine.


Tinnitus is a medical condition where individuals suffer from a perceived repeated ringing or noise in their ears. It is a very common and recurrent condition currently affecting 1 in 5 people around the world. Tinnitus is usually a symptom of many other chronic medical conditions like hearing loss, all forms of ear injuries or a circulatory system-related malfunction.

In some people, the ringing gets worse as they get older but they can manage that with treatment. And treating Tinnitus is not always the problem, the problem usually lies in identifying the underlying condition triggering tinnitus as a symptom. There are two categories of tinnitus:

  1. Subjective tinnitus: This type of Tinnitus refers to the type that can only be heard. It is also the most common type of tinnitus, found in the vast majority of people who suffer from it. Caused by a wide variety of reasons, the most prominent ones include problems in your ear (inner, middle or outer), problems with the auditory nerves, which is the part of your brain that receives the nerve signals as sounds.
  2. Objective tinnitus: The second category of tinnitus can be heard by your doctor or physician upon examination. A very rare type of tinnitus, it can be caused by a middle ear bone condition, blood vessel problem or muscle contractions.

There currently several traditional medicines capable of treating or alleviating the discomfort brought on by tinnitus. But usually they are very expensive and it could end up leaving a massive hole in your pocket after treatment has been done.

Cannabidiol Oils

Today, there are multiple companies and individuals producing CBD oils touting it to solve all sorts of problem. The best CBD oils are those that have the CBD extracted properly, content verified, have been lab tested and are not too pricey.

In the end, CBD oil should be regarded for what it is. A new type of medicine that is still undergoing a battery of tests and research. Hence, using CBD oils does not mean traditional medicine should be disqualified altogether. This is why all patients who are using or thinking about using CBD need to discuss their choice with a qualified medical doctor before using the substance. Also, it is important to bear in mind that CBD is not a clinically verified form of treatment for sleep issues or tinnitus so it is best to manage your expectations before you begin treatment. Finally, watch out for side effects, like all drugs, people react to substances differently. When taking CBD, be watchful to ensure you are not experiencing any side effects and if you are, cease treatment and see your doctor immediately.


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