Celebrating Should Be Allowed and not Prohibited from the Nfl

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In 2016 the National Football League (NFL) season became very controversial and questionable. Besides poorly performed games and numerous of injuries, the NFL sparked controversy when quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel during the star spangle banner which causes multiple players to kneel once this came to part, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has demanded that all players should stand under any circumstances. In addition, celebrating after a touchdown would cause a player to be fined due to celebrations being too graphic. Celebrating and Kneeling in the National Football League is a form of opinion therefore, it should not be banned and causes a player to be penalized for it.

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After scoring a touchdown, most NFL players are known to celebrate afterwards despite getting backlash from commentators. Celebrating makes the NFL entertaining however, during the 2016 season players were penalized for celebrating because it was a form of unsportsmanlike conduct. Celebrating being prohibited from the NFL during the season has caused the rating for games on television to decrease and has caused NFL players to criticize commissioner Goodell for banning the rule. Cornerback Richard Sherman, has stated the NFL is a no fun league and that the NFL should allow them to have a personality and to entertain the fans. Older football fans and critics describes celebrating as being disrespectful towards the opposing team which is false. Moreover, celebrating is not a form of disrespect and it is not meant to make the team to have insecurities, it is a form of acknowledging an achievement and it gives the team and the player confidence about winning the game and winning a celebrating. Celebrating should be permitted because it allows the players to be themselves and to freely work in their profession.

Former 49ers Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick gained national attention once he decided to kneel during the national anthem while preparing for preseason game during the 2016 NFL season as they faced the green bay packers. After the incident, Kaepernick gained support from fellow athletes and celebrities However, this has caused controversy as multiple NFL players began to kneel after the incident. He stated that he kneeled to take a stand, he also stated that there is no reason to stand and represent a country that belittles African Americans and individuals who have a multiracial background. Commissioner Goodell has made a policy in the NFL that reinforces the players, coaches and owners to stand during the national anthem under any circumstances. Kneeling is not to disrespect the United States, it is a form of an opinion and players should be allowed to be more transparent and to take a stand against police brutality which is the reason why kneeling should be allowed.

Celebrating is not a form of showing self-discipline however, it is a form of showing gratitude towards being in the NFL which is a dream come true and it is a dream that does not comes daily for aspiring athletes. Moreover, being an NFL player may be described as an unrealistic career choice and it is one of the reasons why players decide to celebrate after scoring a touchdown. Celebrations should be allowed, and it gives NFL players the ability to have more freedom. Kneeling allows a player to be more open and honest about issues that deals with the state affairs of the United States. It does not represent any disrespect towards the flag or the country, it allows a NFL player to be heard and they feel like kneeling is the only way to gain the attention of the press and of the league to show that they have not forgot what happened to the people of their kind it was never an easy life for African Americans due to racism and police brutality. Kaepernick made a statement that spoke louder then his words when he kneeled even If it meant he was going to be criticized and jeopardize his career. Kneeling is way of NFL players to express themselves freely because they feel like if they speak with words, they would not have anybody’s uninvited attention and kneeling is just a way of showing that they want a change in the United States in the African American or multicultural community which is why kneeling should be allowed and players should not be penalized just for making a statement that speaks louder than words.

In conclusion, the NFL should allow the players to celebrate in the endzone after a touchdown and to kneel during the national anthem because it is a form of showing that even though they are doing something that may cause controversy, it just shows that they should be able to be outspoken without the league having serious consequences about their choices to celebrate and kneeling. The NFL should allow players to celebrate after a touchdown because it allows the players to be creative and decorated. Celebrating does not show a lack of sportsmanship, or it is not meant to be disrespectful towards the organization it is meant for the players to show how passionate they are for the game of football. NFL players not having the ability to celebrate is a factor that leads to a player retiring and losing their desire to win and to play the game of football due to celebrating after a touchdown being prohibited their purpose of celebrating after a touchdown is to entertain the fans and to make the game of football exciting to watch therefore, celebrating should be allowed and not prohibited from the NFL. Kneeling during the national anthem allows the NFL players to have a voice of opinion even if it means receiving such hatred from critics or from team owners. NFL players kneels during the national anthem because it is their way of standing against racism and police brutality against African American youths.

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