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Celebrities are one of the best ways to promote companies products, set different trends, and voice opinions. Wherever you go, you will constantly hear about popular culture and what is new with whom. These people have tremendous influence on our world’s society more than you could even imagine. Celebrities have a powerful impact on how people view themselves and how they see the world. Celebrities can have a positive or negative influence on their fans. In fact, they can serve as role models. What they did whatever positive and negative will be exaggerated by social media. Their fans need right guidance on how to set up a valuable value however sometimes celebrities can also provide unhealthy examples. A lot of people argues are celebrities involvement of development are good or bad. I think the involvement of celebrities are good which can provide more positive influences that negative. Akon is a famous raper and his involvement in development bring a positive effect and helped a lot of people in global south. This paper is going to find out Akon’s achievement in helping development and prove the involvement of celebrities in development is good.

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Akon launched the Akon Lighting Africa initiative in February 2014, this project has set goals of solving shortage problems across the continent is active in 14 African countries including: Mali; Niger; Senegal; Guinea; Burkina Faso; Sierra Leone; Benin; Guinea Equatorial; Gabon; Republic of Congo; Namibia; Madagascar; Kenya and Nigeria. This project is to establish the solar panels to turned solar energy to electric energy which will produce 0 pollution. In 2015 Akon Lighting Africa employed over 5000 local young people. Akon estimated that they reached 1 million households and 1.3 million streetlights in Africa nations. ( Williams Trevor, 2015). Akon lighting Africa this project has improved many problems such as employment, economy growth and resources utilization.

Akon Lighting Africa provided electricity in 14 African countries as of 2015 and employed over 5000 people who are young, newly trained local people to install and maintain solar equipment. This project has provide over 5000 jobs to 14 countries directly and more than that this project can cultivate over 5000 new trained technicist. The differences between Akon Lighting Africa and other charity projects like “Red Cross” or “Lighting Africa”(supported by World Bank). Akon Lighting Africa provide the jobs for the local people. Young local people learn the skills from outside world and in the future even Akon Lighting Africa or other charity project is canceled, the 14 countries can still rely on this technicist. Red Cross deed help the Africa countries such as Nigeria, but the method they help undeveloped countries is by using volunteers. Volunteers from America, Canada or British can only temporary stay and work in Africa, but can not help what Africa people truly need which is elite on how to develop the economy. The basic reason why Africa nations like Nigeria, Niger and Gabon can not truly develop is they need talented people, the people from their own can fix the basic and the most important problem which is the lack of talents. Hospitals, schools and industries can normally work because of electric that indirectly provide some jobs like teachers, doctors and workers. As Charles W. Thurston(2017) reports “apart from providing solar lighting and other products, Akon is training workers in a solar technology school he established in March, in Bamako, Mali.” The increase of employment rate can indirectly increase the Gross Nation Happiness that rise the income of local people provide jobs and knowledge.

Akon Lighting Africa also let the economic growth. The reason why fix the employment problem is essential for fixing Africa problem is as Willam Baumol (2010) studied that “employment rate and economy growth are linked”. Workers produce valuable goods for owners and owners get profits from markets that able to pay workers salary which makes a market circulation that promote economic growth. Akon Lighting Africa program charge fees of electric use for giving back and maintain equipments. Akon Lighting Africa works with local banks and governments to develop public -private partnerships(PPPs) to finance solar projects, for which panels are supplied by New York-based Solektra International solar company and Nanjing-based power equipment makers summer Group and Nari group. These companies support 400 million dollars worth solar panels to establish the infrastructure. He find the companies which would like to make business with 14 countries and bring the money to Africa and establish solar panels. That is attracting the foreign capital can contribute to the development of 14 countries included Mali; Niger; Senegal; Guinea; Burkina Faso; Sierra Leone; Benin; Guinea Equatorial; Gabon; Republic of Congo; Namibia; Madagascar; Kenya and Nigeria.

Of the many benefits, “Akon Africa” looks to proudly enable millions of children to have access to electricity in order to improve the quality of their education through extended study hours. Thione Niang, said” This initiative gives a unique opportunity to bring partners across the spectrum to address the most important needs to Africa’s development. All of us in the Africa diaspora can play a role in advancing the continent. Without electricity our children cannot study and our hospital cannot function. ( Calif 2014)  

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