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In the era of information explosion, many firms discovered the influence power of celebrity so choose the celebrity endorsement method to attract consumers’ attention and hope to win the market. For the celebrity, celebrity endorsement also can help them to improve exposure and popularity in front of the people. The excessive number of advertisement such as video and images from mass media which is newspapers, magazine, radio, television and so on. About 20% of US advertising is dominated by celebrities (Solomon 2009), while the proportion of advertising using celebrities in other countries such as Japan is considered higher. A celebrity who is a person known for his popularity and his fame (Boorstin, 1971). People are concern about the celebrity whose life never intersects with their lives and whose fate has no material impact on people (Cashmore,2006). Celebrity is an individual who has outstanding performance in a particular field and obtains reputation and status by the attention of people. Therefore, a high potential influence of celebrity can create awareness for the brand leads the positive relationship between the brand image and value toward consumers. Company search for a quality, valuable celebrities to make potential synergy for their brand. Moreover, a huge consumer-base is crucial for the brand, as it can reach a more extensive gathering of people through published pictures, clicks, posts and tweets.

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Mc Cracken(1989) has defined celebrity endorsement as “Any individual who have the public acknowledgement and utilize this identification to represent a products or good to appear within an advertisement.” Celebrity endorsement contributes an appeal feeling to the brand and also provide a famous facer to gain extra attention and acknowledgment in a crowded market (Belch & Belch, 2013). A celebrity endorser is an individual who is well-known in public depends on their accomplishment, not the product he or she was endorsed (Friedman & Friedman,1979). As mentioned by Nirmala, Akila, and Mahalaxmi (2017), celebrity endorsement is one of the most popular tactics that used in advertising. Celebrity advertising can increase the added value of a product by linking its product brand to a celebrity image or prestige (Pringle & Binet, 2005). Since the audience likes, trusts and even imitates the celebrities so that it can help to establish the preferences of the product and gain the market share. Hence, it seems like a successful method and promotes rapid sales of products for brand construction and product marketing to gain a foothold in the competition.

Celebrity can influence consumer because consumer thinks that endorser has a actual relationship with the products so that it can enhance the authenticity of advertising.In this competitive marketing world, it is a necessary to introduce the product by the fame person with a credibility personality in this competitive marketing world (Gheysari et al, 2012). Commonly consumers buying behaviour is affected by preference of consumer towards the advertisement of the product, advertised (Smith et al., 2002). For the improvement of the product’s sales, many popular brands choosing the celebrity to endorse their product in Malaysia.For example, Camelia with Loreal, Sheila Majid with Lux, Yusni Jaafar with Minyak Cap Buruh,and Siti Nurhaliza with Pepsi. It can help consumer to recall the brand easily while they make a association between product and endorser. (Friedman and Friedman, 1979;Kamins,1989).

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