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Celebrities Who Has Faced Firing

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James the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been on the receiving end of being fired. There were some twitter updates which were linked with him and got him fired by the Disney chairman Horn Alex. The tweets were about rape and pedophilia, the chairman severed business ties with the director citing that Disney values are not inconsistent or agreement with what transpired. Disney cutting ties with the director were said was for the good of Disney cooperation, any relationship with the director would affect brand ratings and hence not good for business.

James Gunn the director denied if the issue was true citing that he was just having fun and making jokes. So the Disney brand fired their director without following the due diligence according to my opinion the brand should have investigated the matter before making rush decisions since the matter was not proved to be done by James Gunn beyond a reasonable doubt. The right thing for the organization would have to investigate the issue before coming up with the decision. Because firing the director negatively affected the quality of production of the ongoing projects making the organization to lose followers and also viewers of their contents.

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Another celeb who has faced it rough for what he terms as stupid jokes is Justin Bieber who made the slur in the year 2011 on the backstage during the launch of some documentary. He said “Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?” followed by the N-word the video was released by TMZ. Justin Bieber has been apologizing citing that he was too young to comprehend that such words can bring problems. He has been castigated and some brands have been staying away from him fearing the negative publicity can damage their business brand.

That will remain as it is but the Justin Bieber was just 16 years he could not have understood the magnitude of the words he said. Justin Bieber should have been forgiven and life goes on I am sure he regrets every second of the video. Sometimes in life, we tend to say words which can destroy us in the same way those words will destroy the people we intend to say to them. Or in some instance, our image will suffer more with what we say so it is best to think twice before saying anything.

Paul Deen has also been on the receiving end, in the year 2013 she was forced to go off-air for accepting of using the n-word during a racist harassment lawsuit. The issue caused the company to terminate the Deen business relationship with them and causing her to face the humiliation of being a switch off on-air while presenting. The company was trying to save their public image of not associating their brand with her because of the allegations.

The company did not do due diligence before the firing which caused Paul Deen to lose her source of income and also lose some of her followers. Roseanne Barr was fired from ABC news citing that voting for Donald Trump cause her to be sacked. The company failed to investigate and give Barr a good enough answer on why she was fired, which begs for many questions about how these companies employ and fire their employees.


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