Celebrity Endorsement In Social Media Marketing

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As a form of advertising campaign to promote product and services, business organizations prefer to have a public figure to positively represent the company. It is quite important for a business to have an image that is well loved by the people. It could be the CEO or a celebrity endorser. Most companies prefer to use celebrity endorser because they are very popular and have fans that aspire to be like them. This helps promote marketing and advertisements which attracts customers and improves sales. For this reason, it is very beneficial to the organization that this face of the company has good reputation. But sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. The face of the organization could say or do something wrong to the public that could ruin their perfect image which can also affect the organization they are endorsing. An example is the popular story of Tiger Woods and his extra marital affairs.

Tiger Wood’s Infidelity Saga

Tiger Eldrick Woods is a professional golfer and entrepreneur who has built himself a competitive career and became a professional in 1996. He was born December of 1975 which means he was only 20 years old when he became a professional. He is one of the most successful and most popular athletes in this generation. Woods surely was also one of the highest paid golfers in the world for many years. He was married to a former Swedish model who was the daughter to former minister of migration. He won a lot of tournaments and was on the chart as number one for many years. With all these achievements, he was the perfect most marketable athlete. Because his highly reputable image he had very good endorsements by business companies. Some of which were Nike, AT&T, Accenture and Gatorade.

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Accenture is a technology outsourcing and consulting firm that signed on Tiger Woods as its celebrity endorser. For six years, Tiger Woods and Accenture had a successful working arrangements and his golf success is used in Accenture’s advertising. Until sometime in 2009, Tiger and his wife had a huge misunderstanding about his extra marital affairs which they both tried to hide from the public. Tiger Woods even came out publicly, releasing a statement on his website, denying the accusations and requested that the media gave him privacy to work out his marital issues. He probably thought that was going to shut off the media. Few weeks later, some proof started to show up. A voicemail that Woods left for one of his mistresses was released to the public. Then there after, to everyone’s surprise over a dozen women came out publicly to give statements on how they have had some form of affair with the very successful athlete.

Implication for the Controversial Figure

This act of infidelity affected his career a whole lot. He had to pull out of the Chevron World Challenge that was coming up, his own charity golf tournament and any other games he had for the year. He announced that he will be taking leave from golf indefinitely in order to straighten up his personal life. This action of his made him lose most of his endorsers because his perfect image was no longer perfect and could affect the company’s image as well. While some of the endorsers completely dropped him, some of them had to reevaluate their contract with him. The athlete also had to go to rehab for sex addition. His career never fully recovered after the incident, he started earning below half of what he used to earn and also dropped down from the ranking chart. Although, he came out publicly to admit the accusations and apologize for his actions, things were not as it was anymore. He got divorced and it was a process for him to try walk his way back to the top.


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