Cell Phones Should Be Burned in School

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  • Cheating
  • Destruction
  • Reduction In Learning
  • Disrespect

Communication between a person to another using mobile phones comes way back from 1940s where it was invented. The first once were used especially for emergencies. They were to way radio to talk between one person to another which came as a great idea. afterwards more and more inventions came and up to now we have improved a lot in terms of communication. News and other media articles travel first all over the world using these gadgets. This paper will exploit how hand phones have affect the young generation especially in schools and why they should be burned completely.

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Students have been offered a great new way of cheating especially of test and assignment by this cellular phones. They use these gadgets to text each other while in the same classroom. This wireless phones can also be used to take pictures of the exams and text it to a friend who is yet to do the test or assignment which gives way for more cheating to take place Strom, P. S., & Strom, R. D. (2007, June). This means that the students who use this way most of the times will become lazy to read their books because they know that they have an easier alternative.


Most of the students put their phones on vibration or silent mode. Other students may not be bothered but the one holding the phone will surely be St Gerard, V. (2006). Each and every time they receive a message or the phone vibrates, the first thing will be to stop whatever one is doing and that will include stop listening to the teacher who is in the class and answer the text or call. When the phone is not at silent mode it distracts the whole class, many will lose concertation and start looking at where the noise is coming from.

Reduction In Learning

Even though mobile phone can be used in school, for instance, during break time and lunch time, there is still more expectation that there are students who will call and text. This time they could be focusing on what they have learned in class, what is the other lesson about, homework and many other lessons Attewell, J. (2005).


Students need to learn to talk face to face with others. when they spend most of their time charting and communicating using their cell phones, they are not learning on how to build a relation in person Johnson, W. L., Rickel, J. W., & Lester, J. C. (2000). This will always affect their communication skills in the other years to come.

Finally, with this easy technology that hand phones have offered, brings about a new world of many problems especially in schools. if parents and teachers can agree to make sure that students live their cellular phones at home, it will surely end this problem that are so many.

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