Cell Phones Should not Be Allowed in School


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A cell phone is the new improved computer system that is very portable and can fit in the pocket comfortably. They were introduced to replace the laptops and computers which occupy large space and in addition, they can also cover a wide area of the network. the issue of the cell phone has been a trending issue in school. The aim of this essay is to argue on whether cell phones should be used in the classroom or not.

When they are permitted they will be an advantage to bullies through harassing. The bullies will have more fun during the beak times by harassing others while taking photos of their awkward moments and posting them in public for others to see, which in turn will bring a sign of discomfort on the bullied and diminish the self-esteem of that individual.

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The student can borrow a cell phone from teachers when in need and return back. Most teachers would argue that is of no use to allow the students to bring their cell phones to the classroom when they have theirs to help them when they are in need. Truth be told that is true if a student only uses the administration cell phone they will decline from being tempted to use the phones for the wrong purpose (Thomas & Muñoz, 2016).

With their introduction, they will probably lead to more cheating in the examination room which follows by canceling of the tests. This is simply because the cell phones are small and can be easily hidden by the student during examination and moreover these cell phones have internet they can access to get all the answers they need for their tests (Burnett, Smith & Wessel, 2016).

In case of emergency, a student would be of great help for the situation with this device on their hand, as some matters need very quick help. In a situation where the dorm is burning in the middle for the night for those students boarding, they will definitely get quick help before a lot of damage is done as they call in on time compared with a situation where there are no cell phones and the seniors will have to run to the teachers quarters to get help (Johnston, King, Arora, Behar, Athanasiou, Sevdalis & Darzi, 2015).

Improvement of education and performance in class will be seen as the student is in comfort of getting the answers they need when the teacher is not around to explain them through the internet (Nguyen & Trinh, 2015). They can also engage in further studies and go a mile ahead to inquire more about the topic from the internet.


In conclusion it is evident that the opposite side should join in because if the cell phones are allowed in classroom they will bring more harm than advantage in the sense of poor performance caused by distraction in classroom, tension caused by sad news given by the parent and a lot of cheating because of temptation of internet in the cell phones. Eliminating the phones from school will help bring the focus in class because no student will be seated there getting anything in class if the student is expecting a text or call from someone.

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