Challenge Trends and Solution Trends for Coca Cola Company

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Challenge Trends And Solution Trends For Coca Cola Company

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According to Carpenter, Bauer and Erdogan, there are Top 5 Challenge Trends. I believe that increasing concern for the environment is crucial and most applicable to Coke’s situation today.

With the development of technological progress negative changes began to occur. That leads to the gradual depletion of available resources on the planet. Think about why so many animals and plants are now in the Red Book, are on the verge of extinction, and in fact soon there will fall of humankind. The abundance of technology and production daily absorb oxygen in large quantities, so for many living organisms is difficult to survive in such conditions. The people themselves often are choking on pollutants and smog.

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The Coca-Cola Company found the solution. One of the latest innovations by Coca-Cola — bottle from ecological plastic, PlantBottle. In some countries, such as Japan, Brazil, the UK, Spain and Russia, this eco-packaging is already used by the company, and by 2020 Coca-Cola will switch to it completely. PlantBottle is up to a quarter consisting of plant materials, while most similar bottles are now made from oil. The main advantage of the PlantBottle is that it is completely recyclable, decomposes in the soil, and its production minimizes the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The textbook “Management Principles” also describes Top 5 Solution Trends, I chose “Becoming More Connected” trend because I believe that Internet has totally changed our lives and business in particular.

Today, the Internet is the beginning of the era of e-Commerce. If initially the Internet was a means of information dissemination, today the first place goes to the use of commercial activities of enterprises. One of the main components of this process is trade, and trade not only of information products, as the closest to the characteristics of the Internet environment, but also trade of traditional goods.

“Technology is one of the key strategic levers for the company,” says Esat Sezer, the company’s senior vice president and chief information officer. “The competition is no longer in the traditional trade,” he said.

According to Esat Sezer, active work in social networks, new mobile applications and proper understanding of products and merchandising significantly improve turnover, and with the help of data obtained through the Internet of things, the company can interact more effectively with the consumer.

David Garvin stated five building blocks of Learning Organization: systematic problem solving, experimentation, learning from past experience, learning from others and transferring knowledge. Referring to the chosen trends, I believe that Coke should focus on “Experimentation” and “Learning from others” trends. “Experimentation” will help Coke to invent new ways of recycling waste and to draw attention of conscious buyers. “Learning from others” block is strongly connected to “Becoming more connected” trend. It will help Coke to obtain new data, search good ideas and satisfy consumer’s needs.

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