Are Challenges Opportunities Or Obstacles

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Are Challenges Opportunities Or Obstacles

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Challenges are an inherent part of our life. They play an essential and a key role in our existence. Challenges are believed as uncalled for obstacles or hurdles by many people, but at the same time they make our life meaningful and also they give us a reason to fight to achieve things we wish for in this world. If we consider the euphoric concept of a life, a life without challenges, difficulties and problems, I believe our will of achievement will become nonexistent and which in turn will make our will to live diminished. Then we will not be able to experience the real happiness in our lives if we will have nothing to compare our good times to, the happiness we get after overcoming a challenge. Challenges also make a person stronger, it is said that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, so facing challenges are constantly evolving us humans into our better selves.

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Challenges come in many different forms and shapes in our day to day life. For instance challenges we face at our home, or in travelling or at our schools/universities and many other routine problems can be counted as challenges. If we talk about difficulties we face in our studies, like getting bad grades, failing in subjects, not being able to understand lessons, not scoring good on tests are all the challenges that students face and are disheartened by them and their motivation becomes bleak. These challenges often make students give up on their studies and force them to think there are somewhat less. On the other hand many students take these challenges as something positive and never give up fighting and eventually achieve what they wish for. Taking my friends example, he did not get an admission in NED University the year he graduated from college, but he did not give up and studies with full determination for 1 year and got an admission in Mechanical engineering. Students who work hard in right direction and highly focused on their goals can easily get success and can achieve their goals, and they make these challenges as stepping up opportunities for them.

If we address the financial challenges that people face in their life, we can have a more clear understanding on whether challenges are opportunities or obstacles. Most of the less fortunate people believe themselves to be cursed or they blame their destiny for that, and never even try to change their conditions all their lives. On the other hand, people who take their financial challenges head on are the ones who achieve the real success in life. For example if we talk about Steve Jobs, he was a college dropout and financially unstable at the time he left house to change his destiny. After he struggled for many years, he was able to build up the company called ‘Apple’ from scratch which has a net worth of over $900 billion today.

Considering all these examples and many others like these, we can surely say challenges are actually opportunities hidden in disguise, and the one who can learn how to turn their challenges into gaining something positive are the ones who acquire the success, peace and happiness in their lives. Not only to these challenges makes a person stronger, but also teaches him to survive in the toughest of times, and to become a better person.

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