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Challenges Are Opportunities Or Obstacles

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If we discuss on challenges we find many different ideas from different thought of people some people like challenges, some people try to avoid challenges, some people scare to face challenges and some people consider challenges essential for their success, some people consider it as obstacles and some as opportunities. In my opinion it depend upon ones attitude. It’s attitude which make it problem or opportunity. As Captain Jack Sparrow said “The Problem is not the problem the problem is your attitude toward the problem.” If we observe in daily we simply and clearly analyze that everybody is facing some problem everyday but it’s the ability of person to face them, solve them and turn them in their favour which make his successful or unsuccessful.

Excellence is not a skill it’s an attitude

To achieve this attitude one has to work hard, train his brain to see the best in the worst. Teach himself that he has the ability to turn odds into evens and promise himself that no matter how hard it gets he’ll never give up. Take a decision in life and face all obstacles and encounter them to make it right as successful people do. As Mr. Jinnah said

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“Think a hundred times you take a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man.

Normally people stop pushing themselves, they stop working for their dream and settle for less they deserve and for that they blame their circumstances, economic conditions, their families instead of fighting severe problem they stop progress. They decrease goals, limits instead of increasing their efforts. Ultimately start questioning and doubting themselves and lose confidence on the other hand successful people make these obstacles and make them opportunities although they have to suffer in this process but ultimately they live more satisfied and pleased life.

There is no requirements like skills, finance, experience and talent all that require is will. It’s only take will to kill. It’s not necessary that situation, condition, and things are always in your favour but hard work never goes in vain so don’t get demoralized if you failed and give your tremendous efforts until you succeed.

Challenges are neither obstacle nor opportunities. They are test to check that the person who want something or want to succeed actually deserve success or not because if someone can’t handle stress he can’t handle success on the other nothing in the World can achieve without sacrificing something because anybody want to be successful until they see what it take because a positive attitude really make dreams true and change obstacles in opportunities.


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