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Challenges Are Opportunities Or Obstacles?

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One of the most important skills you can develop in life is the ability to turn problems into opportunities. Almost all of us face problems in life every then and now so why not face it? Some philosophies say that problems are the nature’s way of helping us learn to accept reality. The challenges teach us new and creative ways to tackle the problem. There is famous quote of German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche that says: “What does not kill you makes you stronger”. Foolish and weak are those people who flee away from the challenges and hurdles because there is no way someone can avoid them forever as they are part of our life. Only those can survive who master the art of handling and facing challenges and embrace them.

The obstacles and hurdles that we face are actually the test of us. They hone our skills and with experiences and time we get better and better. They teach us to see further than the horizon and push ourselves out of our little comfort zone because there is much more in the world to see and discover. Mankind has been facing problems since beginning and there always have been men brave enough to tackle them and that is why science has progressed. Because most of the advanced and technological things we see today we developed because of some problem and hurdle back in time. If those developing people would have thought of these problems to be obstacle and become hopeless, there wouldn’t have been so much around us.

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We have listened to a lot of success stories and we also know very well that most of them start with failures. Those people who are not afraid of these challenges eventually find success by trying over and over again. There are two types of people. One are those who think of these hurdles to be unsolvable and become hopeless, such people exist in majority. And other are those who try to find a way through every problem and the World is actually run by them. Even though they face crisis but keep going on. These hurdles actually mean one is going in the right direction because are a lot of opportunities concealed beneath them, If one is going to back off from them then he is going to miss a big time. These superstars and sportsman we see today don’t reach their destination while being inside their comfort zone and shy from these challenges, they actually stand for themselves and embrace these hardships and one of these chances is enough to change their destinies entirely.

So the thing we learnt is that obstacles are going to be here, whether you like it or not. So why not just embrace them like a dear friend and move forward? We are going to feel pain temporarily but these hardships have peaceful future behind them. Even Quran says that “Verily, after hardship comes ease” so now it is undeniable that that these challenges are gateway to the opportunities.


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