What Challenges Do You Anticipate During Nursing School

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  • Introduction
  • Financial Support and Time as the Challenges to Anticipate in Nursing
  • Overcoming Challenges During Nursing School
  • Communication
  • Clinical Environment
  • Conclusion
  • References


Nursing students faces numerous challenges whilst studying, these challenges could include child care difficulties, personal problem from tutor or universities, financial lack and support relating to their studies. " According to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) over four thousand five hundred nursing students across the United Kingdom applied ton online survey between August and October 2008, complaining of their own experiences which they face while studying to become a nurse".Many Student Nurse feels pressure to quit because of lack of resources available to help them through their studies, whilst some Nursing Students are determine to achieve their goal regardless of whatever challenges they faces along the way whilst studying to become a qualified nurse.

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Financial Support and Time as the Challenges to Anticipate in Nursing

One of the main challenges Student Nurse faces to date is financial support. "According to the (RCN) 63% to 69%) of student have to work in paid jobs whilst studying", which shows that financial burden is impacted on a big role on Student Nurses. During studying a lot of student ended up in debt, which put strain on their work ethics, and it also reduces their interest to continue their studies to become a nurse. A higher bursary could reduce the number who would consider leaving for financial reasons and reduce the number in additional paid work."

According to Frederick Richardson a BSN student and breakthrough to nursing Director for National Student Nurses Association was shocked by the amount of his time he would have to accumulate to nursing when started Nursing School." One of the hardest challenge he had to face was time keeping. Being a Nurse it takes up a lot of time and it is one of the toughest aspect attending Nursing School, you have to make sure you that you find time for everything surround your life. Example home-work, assignment, research, family life, placement, coursework etc, and not having not having enough time for everything can make a student nurse wanted to quit and not continue.

Overcoming Challenges During Nursing School

As a Student nurse you have to prepare to overcome all challenges which you might face along the way as you study, by doing so it will help you to stay focus and achieved your goals.While studying to become a nurse you have to give up on some of your favourite things. like tv shows, social life in order to get your coursework and studies done. Family support have a big impact on student nurses, while studying a lot of students struggle with childcare issues, as they haven't got any Siblings or other Family member to help them out, which puts a lot of strain on their studies at home, work placement, also in the classroom student nurses faces the expense of transport, childcare cost when they haven't got any support from anyone.With not getting any assistance it increase the risk of time to complete their work or assignments


Communicatio n is also a challenge which a student nurse faces in everyday life both verbally and writing, communication could be a challenge for student nurses, in the way of which the younger generation now communicate, example they prefer to text than to verbal conversations. The need of suitable communication skills has an effect on the student's potential to work collectively with physicians fellow nurses and other members of the healthcare team. Student nurses from from miority backgrounds sometime faces challenges in the nursing profession and in society. There are obstacles and unfairness which these students might face whilst students such as academic skills, student nurses from minority backgrounds often struggle with basic food, housing and lack of education. These can sometimes bea barrier whilst studying which can also have a huge impact in becoming a student nurse..

Clinical Environment

Clinical environment can also pose a challenge when studying to become a nurse. Practicing in clinical environment can satisfaction, or it can sometimes be insecure or nerve-racking and always changing. Working in a cliniacal environment whilst studying without any experience or mentoring from trained staffs can have a vest downfall on you training on your work ethics. When given the right help and support it enables you to do better and gives you the drive as a student nurse to complete your training.. Clinical environment can be inspiring when given the support needed to accomplish your training Confidence is a challenge especially in your first year of studying, going on working placement can be very nervous and unsettling to begin with, but given the right mentoring and staffs support you as a student nurse will feel personal growth throughout his or her experience.“

Kuiei R Chou wrote, clinical learning is a main factor in Nursing Education. Lots of nursing student have been expose to clinical learning environment, it is one of the most important factor affecting the teaching learning process in clinical settings (Kuei R Chou)”.As a student nurse entering clinical settings for the first time can be nerve-racking and stressful to begin with. Therefore student nurse does need a lot of support and mentoring which will enable them to be confident and determine in their training environment, When exposing a student nurse to a clinical environment staff or person who is mentoring should make sure that they have all the equipment or tools to meet the student training on demand. Without the right tools or facilities it can be a huge challenge to Student Nurses. Student should be monitored and assess on a regular basis.


They should not be left on their own without support from staff, Student who doesn’t get the help and support which they need most time, will struggle and get frustrated and want to quit. It is very important that for Student Nurses to be supported during their time training to become a nurse.Student Nurse also have financial challenges which differed from completing their assignments on time. Student Nurse with financial difficulties tend to study and work at the same time, this make their life harder because they have to schedule their life around work and study. If given support it would make it easier for their study.


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