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Change Management Plan

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Change management is the essential component of an organization transforming. For the purpose of improving the marketing competition ability as well as developing the advance technology, it is required for a business to change the method of management. In ACE Technology, Bill and his executive team is facing a curial problem that the relationship between the company and the customer need to be rebuilt. A change is needed immediately for ACE Technology in order to regain the leadership in the market. A successful change management plan for ACE Technology should be base on three basic methods. First of all, Bill and his executive team need to admit that there are problems existed in the company management system, release the unfavourable information of the organization that was originally concealed. Secondly, Bill need communication with their stuff and introducing the learning purpose of a group , so that the members of the organization can gradually accept the concept of change is positive and useful. Finally, planning and acting, Bill should determine the new change strategy and action plan, draw up clear goals, evaluate the environment assessment, provide a various supporting measures. Change management essentially refers to shifting a person, a team, or an entire company or current state, to the to-be, or future state. A change management strategy is inclusive of the focused training and communication activities necessary to affect change across an organization(Acquis Consulting Group).

No single methodology fits every company, but there is a set of practices, tools, and techniques that can be adapted to a variety of situations. What follows is a “Top 10” list of guiding principles for change management(John, Deanne and Matthew, 2004). The 10 principles of change management provide clear and effective approaches for the business to make the change management plan properly. It is also works for Bill and his executive team for the purpose of doing the management change in ACE Technology.

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Address the human side systematically

“ People issue” always be created by the change in a company, When a change happened , some of the employee may fell uncomfortable and unacceptable. At this point, company need to develop a friendly and effective leader team in order to control the employees and solve the problems that they met. In ACE Technology, Bill and his team are built as a leader group at the management change started. They are required to collect data and information as much as possible so that they can analysis the current situation and provide the most appropriate plan for the organization.

Start at the top

When the change happened, stuff from every level in the company may feel unstable. At this point, the direction and support from the leader level will increase the confidence and reduce the sense of unstable.The leaders themselves must embrace the new approaches first, both to challenge and to motivate the rest of the institution(John, Deanne and Matthew, 2004). At ACE Technology, first mission of the company leader is to accept and commit the new management change for the sake of encouraging the employees. Executive team need to work well together. Only after the leader team accept and commit the change, it can be delivered downstream results.

Involve every members at every level

A change in the company involves the members in every level, it affects all different levels in the organization. If a company want to achieve the change successfully, they need to encourage stuff from the basic level to the leader level. Change efforts must include plans for identifying leaders throughout the company and pushing responsibility for design and implementation down, so that change “cascades” through the organization(John, Deanne and Matthew, 2004). At ACE Technology, Bill and his executive team need develop a new reward strategy and compensation strategy in order to encourage all the stuff in the company. It is not a easy part in the plan but it is the most important part. Only after all the stuff accepting the change and willing to do the change, the plan can be executed successfully.

Make the management changing formal

The fourth important rule of a change management plan is make the management changing formal. Employees are inherently rational and they may have the question that whether it is a positive change for their company. If a company make their change plan formal, the stuff will be highly encouraged and accepted it easily. Bill and his executive team need follow the three steps of how to make it formal. First, they need to make their stuff confront the reality and articulate the need of change. It is not a bad thing for a company to change when they are facing the important problem or they hope to achieve a new goal. The leader’s job is let the stuff admit it and accept it. Secondly, Bill and his team need to show their strong belief of the company’s sustainable development and achievement of its goals. Finally, providing a clear arrangement for the change so that the stuff can know what they need to do for next step.

Build staff’s ownership

Creating staff’s ownership will reduce the resistance while a change happened in an organization. Ownership request the employee take their responsibility within their abilities, which lead to a higher performance and participation during the work time. Bill discussed the compensation with his team and develop a new strategy in order to stimulate the members more effectively.

Communicate and share information effectively

Sometimes, the leaders of a company may hold the opinion that all other stuff accept the change and know the importance of change just like them. However, most of the employee cannot understand the influence of the management change. For a complete change management plan, communication and information sharing must be regularly and clearly. Only when the stuff realize the importance of the change, they can accept it and help to develop it. At ACE Technology, explain and clarify the message of the new strategy evidently is what Bill need to do at the beginning of the change happened. Further more, the feedback of how the stuff think about the new strategy is also significant.

Evaluate company assessment

Evaluate company culture and identify the core value and belief of the company is indispensable. Building a friendly environment in the workplace is useful to increase employee’s enthusiasm. The new compensation strategy in ACE Technology listed the rule and reward according to the company’s evaluation. ACE Technology need change the relationship between them and their customer, how to attract more customer can be developed by the company assessment.

Address company’s culture explicitly

An explicitly company culture is the best way to support the development. A successful company culture not only can union the team and increase employee’s ability, but also can attract more customers. As a successful company, if ACE Technology want to change to a consumer based company, advisability and bottomline accountability need to be focused. Culture is the soul of a company, ACE Technology required to build their own business culture, that is the basic requirement if it achieve the successful change.

Get prepared for the unexpected situation

Unexpected situation happened anytime especially when a company is doing the change. Nothing will completely accomplish according to the all of the starting procedure. Leaders are required to assess the result of the change ,the attitude of the stuff and adaptability continuously. Bill and his team should get ready for all the indeterminacy and prepare multiple plans during the changing process.

Focus on the individual communication

Company is the organization organized by individuals. In order to gain the achievement, It is valuable for the leaders to let their employee know how their work changed and why their work changed. Communicate with stuff individually will help them understand the change quickly and effectively. Bill and his team are better to communicate with every levels of the stuff by the reason of getting the directly feedback of the change. Additionally, a visible reward strategy can provide a significant reinforcement for embracing the change.The new recognition strategy of ACE Technology will be helpful.


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