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Changes And Influences Between 1955 to 1965 On Rock Music

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Many people consider this genre of music to be “rock and roll,” but across the world, it is popularly regarded as rock music. Moreover, the story of this genre is a cultural phenomenon that has been embraced by various people. Concerning various beliefs that this genre belongs spontaneous, rebellious as well as dangerous people it is time to resist and focus on the real history and the contributions of various artist and the society concerning the music industry. Even though the rock music could have been there before the releases of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Elvis Presley song, it was not recognized as a genre in the political, social, and economic areas. Some of the most affordable musical instruments, mainly the solid-body guitars were introduced in the 1940s, the term came to get fame in the 1950s, the years between can be cited as noteworthy turning points in the evolution of the rock music, which is popular in America and influences other related genres (Savage, 2011).

Nonetheless, with the development of the genre, there were several significant changes, artists or musician as w well as events that changed the music industry mainly concerning the Rock Music. It is agreeable with this notion because the period between 1955 and 1965 saw the rise of the genre and some of the noteworthy changes that have been made and still makes the rock music amazing and emulated not only in the United States of American but across the globe (Stuessy & Scott, 2002). In February 1955, the music that was to be known as rock ’n’ roll was still dormant because some of the stars in the music industry such as the Billy Haley and Comets were in the pop genre of music and top 20 with various songs such as Dim the Lights and Dim. Moreover, Elvis Presley with his single Milkcow Blues Boogie produced by Sun Records was on the limelight and entertaining the crowd. Besides, Fats Dominos was approaching breakthrough since it was available and up and running in clubs as well as in the R&B charts (Stuessy & Scott, 2002). However, it was not yet named or recognized by the fans since the artist was not yet to be recognized by the audience. Various men alongside one woman in her 20s were in a New Orleans studio trying to make music with the producer Robert “Bumps” Blackwell on Feb 1955.

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However, the music producer knew the singer, Little Richard (AKA Richard Wayne Penniman), was exceptional even though the music was not happening. He had already tried recording and working with two record labels, the Peacock and RCA, but time was not on their side. However, after five songs, as the group was taking a lunch break, Richard took over the piano and begun playing, pounding out his forte riff according to what is presented in Savage (2011). The producer later addressed his biographer, Charles White, that there was one song that would make progress and have a profound number of lovers and fans was “Tutti Frutti” and its lyrics were kind of uncouth: “Tutti Frutti good booty – if it don’t fit, don’t force it/You can grease it, make it easy …”(Savage, 2011). Nonetheless, because this song was based on his “A-wop-bom-a-loo-mop-a-lomp-bom-bom” cry that was a pattern that he had imagined, it introduced several unique rock musical aspects and changed its course and style. These include the loud volume as well as vocals styles that emphasize power and the distinctive rhythm and beat. The energy that the artist illustrated recording the song gives a new face in the music industry shaping and turning the pop music industry and making the rock music popular. Another song during the period that changed the style and taste of rock music in the 1950s is a single by Memphis-based singer Elvis Presley, “Jailhouse Rock,” that was written and performed in the same hype as the famous “Tutti Frutti. ” The music instrumentation, performance, and dance moves were as a result of inspiration.

Therefore, the song had intense emotion and was propelled by a wildly kinetic rhythm. Rock and roll songs such as the mentioned were famous and essential cultural force in the 1950s since the artist culminated attractive, energetic public figures. “Jailhouse Rock” changed the music scene giving it energy concerning the tempo, vigor as well as compared to other genres that were there before the conception of Rock Music including Western country music and R&B. The music before the 1950s and 1960s was mostly slow and calm, and the dance moves were also not as energetic as the ones brought about by this music. Many artists embraced this style as well as the dancing moves to appeal to the audience and hence transforming the music industry. The changes that have been explained are significant because they saw to a revolution in the Rock Music as the instrumentation was changed and the tempo of the beat changed this genre and; therefore, many artists embraced the new style since it seemed to be lively and energetic, and entertaining the audience as it is seen today. ReferencesSavage, J. (2011). Little Richard unleashes rock’s transgressive possibilities. [online] the Guardian.


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