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Changes of My Physical Abilities Due to Gym Trainings

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Personal Reflection

My name is —— and before this class I had no clue what I stood for or who I was. If someone were to ask me that at the beginning of the school year I would have just made up some crappy reason but now I think I have it figured out to a certain extend. This class taught me as you get older you will grow and as of now I don’t know all the answers even though I might have thought I did. I think that is one of the reasons why I never really wrote a goal in the beginning because I didn’t have one and whatever one I would have made up would have been something could already do or was close to it because I thought I was there already which I am not and who knows if I will ever be but I can just hop and take it one step at a time

During this course my physical abilities and knowledge were way off. The few times would go to the gym I wouldn’t push myself to the point where I was sweating or sore but then I realized that I wasn’t doing anything but wasting my time thinking that I was helping myself yet I didn’t accomplish anything. Before this class I barely knew what a plank was and surely couldn’t hold it for more than 5 seconds. Now I am able to plank for a full minute. I learned how to do certain exercises without any Equipment and realized that I couldn’t make excuses for the way I looked anymore because there are other ways to exercise. My flexibility has increased, I am now able to do certain poses without having pain or having to break a pose and start over. My endurance is up and I am able to go much longer without having to take a break. I use to have to stop and take a break during a one set but now I can do at least a full set of 5 or more exercise without having to stop and catch my breath.

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I think I have always been able to manage my emotions well which is what I thought and I knew that if I needed help I could reach out to anyone of the students in class and to my teachers. My problem was had no clue how to deal with stress management since I was alway to anxious about everything. I was nervous about any and everything. I had a hard time getting out of my head and being in tune with myself but this class has taught me alot about it. Every since the first day of in class meditation I have been able to find a new way processing what was going on in my life at the time. I have since bought a diffuser and a lavender deep sleep pillow spray to help me calm down and it has been going well. I have even got my mom to meditate with me and we went online and purchased a few dvds to meditate to. I have been able to focus on what is important and what is not. I am able to learn better and when I have anxiety I rub my essential oil balm on my wrist and smell that throughout cpass to make me feel better.

My values have changed over the time of the course. I used to be a stone cold witch but I have learned how to open up. I don’t think I would have made it through this semester without this class. This is my fourth high school in four years and ever since I have been moving around I have had to make new friends and find a way to comprehend the idea of having to start all over again. I had this wall up and wasn’t able to get over it but realized I had to go around it to make it through the year. When ae would have those anonymous talks about what is going on in our lives I look back and realize that I should have written something on that paper because maybe I could have gotten something off my chest just like everyone else. I could tell that people felt better and learned alot from doing those exercises. I have learned that you need to be more open because you might actually learn something and I wish it didn’t take me all class to realize that. I think I have improved a little and a lot in some categories.

When I first entered this course I thought it was going to be an easy class where I can get a PE credit without having to think. This class has changed my life for the better. At the beginning of this course I ate and did whatever I wanted to without a thought of what I was putting into my body. As I advanced through I learned how important it is to keep up with your physical and mental health. I think one project has changed my life forever. We did a project about changing our diet for three days straight. I had chosen the pescatarian diet and realized I didn’t need to eat meat. It has been 56 days since I have eaten any meat almost two full months. Watching those videos about the people who became vegetarian and all their health problems went away I realized that it was so simple and that it doesn’t take a whole lot to make yourself overall healthier. I have learned that you actually are what you eat and it matters. I realized that it doesn’t take much to make a change in your life but all you have to do it take the first step because it can make a big difference. Since I stopped eating meat I an not as tired as I used to be and I don’t have to take a nap after I finish eating because I didn’t just put a bunch of crap in my body. If this class was offered at all schools people would be able to find out what they need to do better and even if you think you are fine this class would actually make you learn a thing or two about yourself. I think that this class would teach people how to be a better person overall and how to live life to the fullest. This class would take a lot of problems away from people and teach students a ton about how to live their life to the fullest without having to do the most.


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