Character Anaylsis of Juleit Capuelt and Her Love to Romeo

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 Juliet is the daughter of the Capulet family, and falls in love with her sworn enemy Romeo. She pretty much is an idiot, she is disobeying all of her parents wishes, and sneaking around with some guy that hasnt even known for 8 hours. Her and Romeo confess their “undying love’’ when only knowing each other for a couple of hours. She is a simple while also being a complex character at the same time. Now, onto to talk about Juliets traits that strengthens and weakens her character.

First, Juliet always does what the other person says, and as we all know this doesnt end well for her by doing that. This weakens her charcter, she acts as if she needs someone to make her choices for her. She is a strong and independent young lady that doesnt need someone to make her choices for her. “I’ll look to like if looking liking move/ But no more deep will I endart mine eye/ Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.” The fact that she uses the word “consent” tells us that Juliet feels as if she needs her parents consent in order to love someone. Upon, this it weakens her character because she cant make her own decisions.

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Secondly, she is willing to do anything to be with Romeo, even if it means sneaking around trying not get caught with him. They swear up and down that they completely in love with each other. Juliet is going againist her parents wishes by dating or “being in love” with someone that has been her enemy before she was even born. Juliet Capulet is entering her early teens and is trying to be that rebelious teen we all are. She is swooped up by this charming, convincing, older man that loves her. At this point shes being very foolish with her actions.

Thirdly, Juliet is desicive, she ends up faking her own death to be with Romeo. She is still willing to do anything for love and is an idependent person that knows what she wants when she wants it. She still dumb though, for doing all she can for this man and ends up dying because of it. Although, she might be an idiot she is still very descisive, she wants to try and solve everything but she does it stupidly, by commiting sucicide. Her character is still yet simple and complex.

To conclude, Juliet Capulet is quite a smart and yet dumb person, she does anything for her lover but takes her own life for him. She follows the leader, is willing to do anything for Romeo, and is a very desicive person. Juliets character is very simple but yet very complicated at the same time for very many reasons.  

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