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In my leadership journey, the moment when I defining leadership was once when I was in junior high school as a leader. At that time, the school organized a literary activity. I was as a civic committee member in the class, I was ordered by the class tutor to be the main event leader. Next, I will be responsible for and arrange a literary program as a program for our class. I was surprised to think about this moment. In addition to the urgency of time, what is even more troublesome is that I am the person in charge of a program in our class. I have to come up with the idea of a program that surprises the audience. So I opened my favorite music program and chose a simple dance that my favorite singer jumped in the music video. Then I selected a few girls in the class that I thought was capable and love to dance to complete the song dance program of my choice.

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In the rehearsal dance, I led the girls in the class to dance and organize the rehearsal time and did not conflict with class. So, this time I went to organize a performance program for me is a decisive moment in the leadership journey, which marked my first time as a guide, and I was satisfied by my own creativity and leadership, not only because the program went well, and I became a leader by a very shy girl, I became subjective and gained more friendship. My values are that knowledge is power, knowledge can get rid of poverty, and there is also that I believe that success is inseparable from hard work and that opportunities and help from others are indispensable. I believe that opportunities and the help of others are also very important in the factors of success. In my leadership, I also hope to help more people reach their wishes.

My principle is to create the future through my own efforts and knowledge. I hope that I will remain simple forever, regardless of the future. And my bottom line is not to sell myself not to do things that are not good for others. In my opinion, my strengths and passions come from interest. I can find my strengths from my interests. For example, I like to play the piano and Chinese calligraphy. From this, I can draw my strengths and have the patience to do what I like to do. And interest can motivate one’s passion for doing things. For example, in my leadership journey, I feel that leadership is a meaningful and able to help others and can help them develop their abilities. I will be passionate about leading and managing others’ work. I have a lot of ideas for building an integrated life. For me, work and family are the most important. Although my own career is important, it is also important to accompany my family.

My dream is to find a job full of income and stability, and I can take a lot of vacation to accompany my parents in this job. For example, I want to be a teacher. Because teachers in this profession can meet different types of students, with their own insights and knowledge to lead them to achieve their aspirations, these are I think is full. And in the teacher’s career, there are two long holidays can accompany my parent, I can take them to travel. For me, to be a teacher or to find a job that I like and be interested in, and to balance my work with my family in my busy life, is the whole living I want to build. Therefore, I have to work hard and study hard for my future career. Different people have different dreams, but everyone wants to be a unique person. The different worlds I think are not going with the flow and achieving their goals through their own methods. I do not envy and hope for the dreams of others or the possessions of others.

Everyone’s dream is different and the way to achieve them is different. In my process, I want to go step by step according to my own heart but do nothing to hurt others. In my opinion, I realize my expectation should be in my own way. If I arrive in success, I will not bully others with pride, and I do not look down on others with my own success. I acquired a lot of knowledge in leadership from this course in Proverbs such as leadership characteristic and wise activities in life.

First of all, I learned some excellent leadership characteristics from the book of Proverbs. First, people should fear the Lord. According to the book of Proverbs (15:33, NIV), “Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor.” It shows that being modest to God will help people gain wisdom and honor. Therefore, a leader should fear the Lord and believe in God and keep humble to treat followers to become the servant.

Second, leaders should have the righteous characteristic. Leaders are willing to sacrifice themselves for followers and give up their own benefit to give advantages to others. Justice is third good characteristic in the leadership of the book of Proverbs. Leaders should treat each subordinate fairly and do not hesitate. In addition, the leader must serve everyone, and he should have a clear decision. Additionally, a leader should do everything with wisdom because it will give the leader pieces of advice, reasonable judgment, insight and power.

Next, a good leader should have the rich knowledge to handle difficulties and lead others to do projects; also, he can respect and understand followers what they talk about and want to do. Last, a leader’s mind should be unpredictable so that the enemy will not know which way the leader is going. Therefore, a good leader should be to keep mystery in his thinking. In addition, as a girl, becoming a wife is a necessary process in life. But how to be a good wife is indeed a big problem in society.

A lot of data from Historica Canada shows that more and more new couples in today’s society are facing divorce and fewer people are getting married (Eichler, 2018). First of all, the wife needs to be his own husband is a soul mate, talk to him the truth in life and cannot deceive her husband. Second, a wise wife should make her husband an honorable man in society. Second, a wise wife needs to fight with her husband in the event of a conflict. Finally, a wise wife needs to build a good atmosphere for the family and maintain a good relationship with the family. Definitely, a wise marriage requires the wife and husband to share the same business. For example, couples should need to be humbly treating both sides, respecting each other and believing in God. Last of all, I know that everyone should stay away from gangs who do wrong things.

According to Proverbs (1:11-14, NIV), 11 If they say, “Come along with us; let’s lie in wait for innocent blood, let’s ambush some harmless soul; 12 let’s swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit; 13 we will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder; 14 cast lots with us; we will all share the loot” 15 my son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; It shows that the bad guys will lead people to gain honor and money through the wrong ways that can be harmful in the whole society. In other words, people should stay away from these gangs to keep pure and to be wise and righteous people. In China, there is a saying that: Near red is red, and near black is black; which means that if people get along with good people, they can help you and you can grow up heathy; in contrast, they can make your life fall into hell. In conclusion, this class taught a lot to me that let me know how to be a righteous person; additionally, wisdom is important in life, which let me know that it is necessary to have a wise mind to help myself to achieve something or stay away from danger. Also, Life is only once, and everyone should cherish life.

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