Charlie Chaplin Biography: Why He is a Key Symbol of the 19th Century Movie Industry

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“A day without laughter is a day wasted”, the great Charlie Chaplin once said. Charlie Chaplin was a great decorated silent movie actor from the 19th century. He was also a jack of all trades you could say, for he had many professions which I will specify later on. Charlie Chaplin, with his extraordinary acting, professional directing, and overall intelligence, was a very significant and important symbol of American cinema back in the 19th century.

Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16th 1889, in London, England. His father was an actor and musician, and his mother was an actor and singer. When Charlie Chaplin was ten years old, his father died and his mother fell very sick, leaving Charlie Chaplin and his brother Sydney Chaplin to fend for themselves and make a living. They turned to what they grew up with, acting, what they watched their parents do all the time. Acting saved him and his brother Sydney from many hardships. In the year of 1907, Charlie Chaplin visited America for the first time with a theater company. His parents being actors when he was young greatly influenced his desire to enter the theater industry, and his successful extraordinary acting. Charlie Chaplin first debuted as an actor in the American film “Making a Living” by Keystone Studios in 1914. Charlie Chaplin began rapidly gaining popularity and attracting interest from other producers. One year later, producers were simply dying for Charlie Chaplin’s signature, and after lots of speculation, he finally signed with mutual film corporation to make 12 two reel comedies. He went on to become a musician, a composer, an author of 4 books, a comedian, an actor, a producer, a director, and a film author. He also married 4 different women over the course of his life, and died on December 25th, 1977.

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Charlie Chaplin was probably the most important artist produced by the cinema, one of the best performers of cinema, and one of cinemas most worldwide iconic figures. Charlie Chaplin was like a phoenix from the ashes, for he used his pain and hardship from his childhood and turned it into comedy. He is now known worldwide, even to people who have never seen one of his films. Charlie Chaplins work and care for the process of acting and directing, made his films great and one of a kind and paved the way of modern more sophisticated cinema.

During the time that Charlie Chaplin first began his career as an actor in American cinema, World War 1 erupted. With War engulfing everyday life, Charlie Chaplin was trying his hardest to make people laugh and to lighten the mood. It’s good to have people like Charlie Chaplin in times of hardship, for what would humanity do without any cheering up. This contributed to Charlie Chaplin’s success for he was very intelligent to start comedy in times of war since most people would need some cheering up. This is how Charlie Chaplin used historical context to his advantage.

Charlie Chaplin, with his extraordinary acting, professional directing, and overall intelligence, was a very significant and important symbol of American cinema back in the 19th century. People always search for something that will make them laugh in times of hardship. And that is what Charlie Chaplin gives to people, he gives them a reason to laugh.

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