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The Chartres cathedral is in France about an hour train ride from Paris, It’s easy to think about this church a day trip from Paris. About back in the 11th ,12th, 13th centuries, the town of charters was a major destination unto itself. But it’s important that we understand it within the orbit of Paris because Gothic a style develop in Ile de France that is the area around Paris that was ruled by the king of France. 

We think know as France nation with stable borders but in the medieval, period the king only controlled the area immediately around Paris and it was in this area that the architectural style of Gothic first developed. Chartres was a goal, of an exceptionally specific reason, it had and still has, the tunic that the ,virgin Mary wore, it was accepted, when she bring forth Christ. As the virgin Mary significance developed amid the medieval period, the imperative of this congregation, and explicitly, this relic, develop.

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We are looking at the cathedral today with apartments and cafes around it, but this was one part of a complex of buildings, that including a school a palace for the bishop a hospital, and in fact the school of Chartres an educational institution very much a kin to university, was very important and famous during the Gothic period. 

Numerous other individuals, related with the school of school of Chartres, trust that the quest for information finding out about our general surroundings was the pathway to comprehend the awesome. Furthermore, they were examining the writings of the old Greek, and Romans of Aristotle and Plato. The façade is genuinely basic. From left to, in that spot are essentially three sections. A pinnacle on the left, the middle region, and the pinnacle on the privilege.

If we go from secure to top we additionally have a division of ,three at the simple best observe what’s known as a kings Gallery, old confirmation regal figure. Underneath that the ‘beautiful round rose window’. These are very typical of Gothic architecture. This is using something called plate tracery. We have, essential a sense, of the stone and afterward opining inside that, rather than bar tracery, where we have quite recently these thin bars that, separate the sheets of the recolored glass windows in spots like we’ll see that particularly in later windows in spots like Amiens.

Now under, the rose windows are three larger lancets and these vertical windows mirror the entrances, below them. The tree portals are covered with sculpture anyone walking into this church would read something in the pictures. Let’s talk about the parts of the Gothic portal. At the very top we see ‘sculptures, within the archivolts’ and the archway that is framed by archivolts in known as a ‘tympanum’. Below that, the supporting each of the tympana, is a lintel. 

That is a kind of crossbeam of stone. These supported by small engaged columns, Known as colonettes that, line each side of the three doors. There are really doors jambs and attached to these are figure. Which are known there for as jamb figures and what’s interesting is that there are angled inward, and so we are invented to enter the church. For this front porch is quite shallow compared to what will happen to say Amiens. For the doorways become almost funnels in to the church. The archivolts protrude outward creating canopies. ‘The tympanum’ on the left, demonstrated the Rising, of Christ. The biggest of the three. ‘The tympanum’ on the center, demonstrated the second happening to ‘Christ’. The tympanum on the privilege appeared, scenes that related on the life of Virgin Mary’.’

Also, that is entrance on the left, rather than, portraying the climb, delineates Christ before he goes up against physical frame. That is Christ out of time. Before the incarnation, before god has made flesh. Below we see four angels. And presumably my most loved parts of this is the way that the angels attempt to reach underneath the boundary that isolates them from the prophets. Some of the prophets don’t seem to have any idea that there’s anything above them although a few have cocked their head with some interest. Well, they’re prophets they begin to see the future they begin to understand God’s plan for mankind, but they can’t see it entirely.

In order to see that, we have to go to the right tympanum, The tympanum that devoted to the Virgin Mary. Who make conceivable God going up against physical shape and, entering the world so we can be spared. This chief heavenly messenger Gabriel declaring to the ‘virgin Mary’ that she will bear, ‘Christ’ and by this we can see a scene known as ‘The visitation’ where Mary is visited by her cousin, ‘Elizabeth’. Mary is pregnant with the Christ child and her cousin Elizabeth is pregnant with saint Johan the Baptist. 

Then the most critical scenes in the lintel, the inside. we see Mary in the trough having recently brought forth the Christ tyke. Who’s swaddled just above her and just to the privilege a scene of the Love of the three shepherds have come to respect the Christ child above this, we can see presentation of Christ in the temple. Mary and joseph have brought the Christ child and then above that, in the tympanum, we see the virgin Mary enthroned with the Christ on her lap with angels on either side. 

This represents the throne of wisdom when Christ shown seated on Mary’s lap. Mary’s body is understood as the throne of wisdom. And Mary is turn is understood as that throne, but also as the church itself. Both Mary and Christ as shown frontally very symmetrically and Mary is enthroned here as the queen of heaven. On the left, we had an image of Christ before the incarnation before taking human form. On the right we have the occasion. At the point when Christ enter the world so as to spare it. Then in

the inside we have the second happening to ‘Christ’, the dead ascent shape their graves and all of humankind is made a decision about what’s critical however is that the will be the finish of time so a’ period before time’ a time of human time and a period at the end of time. Christ is surround by symbols of the four evangelists. The four scholars of the accounts and is appeared in the middle bigger the some other figure. This is called hieratic scale emphasizing his relative importance. He is shown seated on the throne of throne of heaven surrounded by mandora 

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