Cheerleading as a Part of My Life

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In life it can be difficult to find something you care deeply about or find something you are passionate about. Something you love and you feel like it makes who you are. I have been lucky enough to find that something. My name is Gillian Winters and I do competitive cheerleading. For me being and all-star cheerleader has made me who I am and had an incredible impact on my life. It has taught me the meaning of hard work, dedication and the importance of teamwork. Before starting this sport I had no true understanding of what these words meant, but ever since I’ve started cheer that all has changed. When I was a kid I never really had something I love to do, I did dance and gymnastics but it just did not fit me. One day my mom suggested that I try cheer and when I went to the first practice I immediately fell in love with the sport.

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Cheerleading has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Going to practice was the highlight of my day and I was always so excited. When most people hear the word cheerleading they think of people with pom poms standing on the sideline at a football game but it’s so much more than that. It is one of the most difficult sports to do. At practice we focus on stunts, tumbling, jumps, an some dance. Everything we do is combined into a two minute and thirty second routine. Even though it may be so difficult sometimes you just want to give up you think about every single ounce of hard work you put into practice and realize that it is all worth it. The feeling you get while performing is almost insane. Hearing people scream and cheer for you while your doing something you love is amazing. During the time I have cheered,I have met friends who will be in my life forever, been given the best coaches who have been my role models for so many years. Although it may be fun at practice it is very time consuming. I’ve learned how to be committed and dedicated to something. Some days, friends may want to hangout or there is a big party I would really want to go to but I couldn’t because I would have a practice or a competition. I would be a little upset but then I remember that I signed up for this I committed this and I knew that sometimes I would have to make sacrifices for this sport, and that’s okay because I love what I do. What I’m trying to say is I know what it means to be dedicated to something. Prior to starting this sport, I had a lack of motivation and would settle for less. I then realized that this was unacceptable, if you wanted to be the best you have to practice. Gaining new skills and getting stronger was my main goal. Soon I realized if I did the same thing school I would be and overall better student. I was able to work well with others and get things done more efficiently. Everything I know is because of this sport.

This sport has made the person I am today and I don’t remember who I am without it. So many memories I will never forget, so many lessons learned that will help me long after I am finished cheering. Over the course of my cheer career I have turned into a hard working dedicated person and I believe I have the skills necessary to be successful in the real world and in college .

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