Chemical Elements: Properties, Physical Properties, Uses, Air & Water Reaction

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Table of Contents

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Sodium azide
  • Argon
  • Silicon
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Diamond

Carbon dioxide

It reacts with alkali to produce carbonates and It is soluble in water and it is colourless gas. Carbon dioxide is used to produce soft drinks and soda water.Carbon dioxide is used for to prevent fungal also Carbon dioxide doesn’t react with acid but carbon dioxide, CO2 (aq) react with water also the earth atmosphere contains 0.04% carbon dioxide and carbon react with water to produce carbonic acid.

Sodium azide

Sodium azide react with different metals to form very shock and sensitive compounds also Sodium azide react highly in soluble water also it is crystalline solid and it is used in hospital laboratories also sodium azide is used in agriculture for pest controls. Sodium azide is an ionic substance also it is very acutely toxic on the other hand Sodium azide react with acid when you mixed with acid and it rapidly change into toxics… it reacts with the oxygen and Sodium azide is soluble in water.

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Argon is noble gas, so it doesn’t react with any other elements. Argon is tasteless and colourless gas also it can be soluble in water and nitrogen also argon is being used for inserting gas shield in arc welding and argon is used in electric light bulb and fluorescent tubes but Argon doesn’t react with acid because argon is a noble gas and it react with few elements and the air around us is mixed with oxygen and nitrogen also argon doesn’t react with water.


Silicon react with oxygen and air to produce silicon dioxide and It’s a very brittle and metallic lustre. Silicon is like metal in its chemical behaviour but Silicon doesn’t react with most acids, but it dissolved by hydrofluoric acid also you can use to make computer chips and glass. Silicon doesn’t react with the air if its below 900°C but argon doesn’t react with water.


Made up of both non-reactive and high reactive atoms but it doesn’t react as easily as other elements Plastic is used to make bicycle helmets; safety seat and air bags is automobiles.

Aluminium oxide

Chemical: Aluminium react quickly with hot water also it reacts with different hot acids. Physical: The metal will sink water and aluminium is very shiny. Aluminium is used in cans, frames and airplanes part.


Chemical: It has highest thermal conductivity and highest melting point also its very hard and little bit heavy. Properties: Diamond is hardness and it conduct heat also crystal form. Diamond harder so they really useful, when used to drill other materials. If you use diamond to make drill heads, it will be very expensive to produce in large quantities even though the quality of drill head is good and the less people going to buy drill head because its going to be expensive. If you use titanium to make drill heads, it is the best options because it’s the most useful metal and its use for big things e.g. aircraft which mean its good options for drill head. If you use aluminium to make drill heads, you can do but it’s not the best options because the metal is east to bend also aluminium is good for cans and frames but it’s not good opinion for drill head. In my opinion I think titanium is good because it is strong metal and it is use for aircraft which mean it’s the best options to use for drill head.

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