Chemistry Group Project and My Experience in It

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This incident happened during my undergraduate course (B.SC. Non-Medical) in India in Punjab. Exams had been taking place and had been approximately to complete. This is particularly about a Chemistry Group project which turned into our deadline. After the exam of Chemistry, there was a deadline of the Chemistry group project after two days. As this was a group project and each group had three participants. So, I decided to do it with my friends Deepika and Sunidhi as I had better bonding with both. 

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By majority, we decided to do group project on Cis-Trans Isomerism. At the starting of group project we meet and decided to distribute the task related to our group project. I suggested doing that task in another way, and in a unique manner. So, I share the concept of doing a separate presentation along with group project. Because we could not capable of explain only with the project because in project we didn’t have sufficient information to explain. If we have separate presentation for a set than it looks specific. 

Deepika and I decided to do the group task and advocated for Sunidhi to do the presentation as her communication skills had been tremendous. Before the deadlines, we organized meeting collectively. Me and Deepika confirmed group project as only labelling remained. Unfortunately, Sunidhi became no longer finished her presentation and did now not cooperate with us. She became behaving rudely and shouted on us that me and Deepika took the easiest task and gave her the difficult one.

As we didn’t have enough time as it turned into no longer an easy task for us, in addition the labelling of the project was pending because it was done using threads. The scenario had been becoming very critical due to the lack of cooperation between Deepika and Sunidhi. Then, I politely explained her for her presentation, but they didn’t want to talk to each other and began argument with each other. After this argument, I requested them to calm down and took responsibility of the presentation because it was an important part of our group project. I gave the obligation of labelling to Deepika. I positioned a lot of attentions at the presentation and make sure that we did that task earlier than the closing date. It took one and half day to complete it.

At the time of the group project, we had to display our project as well as the presentation. All of us perform and give an explanation about the model and presentation individually in a group. As a result, we were getting good marks for this outstanding performance. Record your Reaction - note down how you felt, how you thought, how others felt and behaved.

In the whole situation, I was getting much frustrated and felt very uncomfortable. All things were gone wrong as our group member started arguing with each other. I was thinking too much at that time and I felt like my brain stops working. It appeared that the time was going and were now not able to finish our group project on time. I became emotional at that time. Then, I took some time and regain my composure to take the responsibility of presentation, and politely explained about our group assessment that overall marks would depend on our whole group project undertaking, and also informed them that it was not the right time arguing with each other. 

Sunidhi and Deepika both supposed to be much intelligent with each other as their both interference was an aggravation of the situation. She both explained me alone that she was not comfortable with each other initially after the first meeting but I thought that this group work unites them. During our second meeting before the deadline, Sunidhi wanted to isolate from the group work and didn’t collaborate in group discussion. They both behave in the same manner with each other. I strongly advised both if we didn’t do well on this project it would affect our whole marks. The examiner was very impressed from our performance and our group project and the whole outcome was outstanding.

I have taken in a great deal of things in the entire circumstance. The whole condition was very disappointing for me as I was suspecting to do the entire task in a unique way to impress the instructors. I was very respectful with my group buddies yet both did not stop their contentions with one other. I was thinking about fear of rejection of our task, which would influence our whole group work. It appears that was not any solution of this problem, since condition turned out to be so much critical as no one didn’t need hear me out. At that circumstance, I was getting enthusiastic by watching them arguing with one another as two of them overlook me. 

As I took the entire liability of group task yet they both did not bother for the task and for the assessment. But I did not lose hope and did the whole group task individually. I also helped Deepika in labeling, which was done with threads, of our project which was additionally troublesome as because of less time. It felt me like that it was an individual task not group work. At the time of the presentation, all things were normal. Also, Sunidhi and Deepika behave normal. The whole outcome was good as our group task get great marks. I realized that I took too much responsibility of group work which made me so much tense, and I did not understand the problem between our group members.

What changes you are going to make? Pull out your learning experiences - what would you do differently next time, how have your values changed. A superb mindset can change lots of factors. It can help you get along with group partners. Without it, work, no matter how much you like it, can be something dread. I would like to keep myself and others more organised with the work will help you in more ways than you think. It will help to accomplish projects sooner, be able to take on more responsibilities and feel less stressed, and show your willingness to go over and beyond to get things accomplished.

I would also like to credit for my accomplishments. Staying humble is an important part but don’t let my hard work go unnoticed. I would also work on my weaknesses like communications skills, being too humble with group members, taking too much responsibility, getting emotional, and time management. Also, I would like to push myself to make a direct impact on my team. By pushing myself I will help others strive to be better too, especially when it comes to achieving goals and accomplishing them as a team unit.

I need to manage the group work in a way that group members should implement on my instructions as I treat to be very polite with each group member and take responsibility of the whole group work. I also wanted to step out of my comfort zone. By doing this, I not only set myself up for success but also allowed myself to reach potential. And that will never go unnoticed. Also, most of our work today happens with the aid of machines and gadgets. Like internet connectivity, working procedure manuals, computers. So, I need to work more on technology.

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