Chicago’s Identity, Culture, Original Function and Population

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Every settlement in the world changes. Some change in a good way and some change in a bad way. A settlement changes in a good way when it has a big population and a lot of people enjoy living in the said settlement but a settlement changes in a bad way when it loses population and people who live in it does not enjoy living there. Another way a settlement changes is when it’s main purpose changes, for example; A settlement changes from being an industrial settlement to a retail settlement because industrial settlements create lots of pollution (air pollution, water pollution, etc).

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Chicago is known for being one of the most popular megacities in the world, but it was obviously not a megacity since the first time it was found, settlements including Chicago change over time in different ways. Some change their function, some change their identity/ culture, etc. The population of a certain settlement (which in this case is Chicago) primarily depends on the changes made over time, for example; A settlement now depends on a certain religion and the citizens have to perform the celebrations, some families who do not believe in god or are not religious move out of the settlement because of it but some people who are religious also move in . This is an example of a settlement losing and/ or gaining population.

Chicago’s had many changes since it was first founded in 1833. Some of the changes are; Chicago’s original function was a water transit hub. Then, it changed and turned into an industrial metropolis ( processing and transporting a lot of materials ). Another change in Chicago is it’s architecture and building structures. Back when Chicago was still a small town, most of the buildings were small and there wasn’t a lot of buildings yet at that time so there was a lot of space for building. Now, there are lots of tall buildings and barely any space left for new buildings. That means Chicago has gained a lot of population since it was first discovered.

Chicago has gained a vast amount of population after a very long time. The main reason on how millions of people moved to Chicago is mainly because of immigrants from all around the world ( Mostly from Mexico and Latin American countries ) being sent to North American cities which includes Chicago, of course. Other than that, people know that the bigger the city is, the more job opportunities so that means there are lots of job opportunities in Chicago because it is a very large city and it is also very popular. But now, the population of Chicago is declining because if the city is large, there could be lots of disadvantages too, not just advantages. One of the reasons why the population of Chicago is declining is because some people are doubting the safety of the city. Another reason is the job opportunities are also declining, thus the reason people are moving away. People doubted the safety in Chicago because in 2017, people were being shot around every 2 and a half hours. Surprisingly, both victims and murderers were dark skinned. Because of this, dark skinned people obviously felt unsafe and decided to move away.

Every city’s culture and identity changes over time so Chicago has obviously changed too. Chicago’s population grew after the immigrants from latin countries. These immigrants start opening shops and businesses and they start growing and becoming popular and change most of the citizen’s schedules, interests and dislikes. For example, there are lots of Asian/ Indonesian supermarkets in America that sells Asian food such as rendang, nasi padang, etc.

In conclusion, Chicago’s identity, culture, original function and population has changed in many different ways since the city was found. Some reasons of it changing could possibly be from its citizens (immigrants making a difference), simply just a change of government roles or a problem in the city’s unity. This means no matter what, every settlement in the world changes. 

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