Child Abuse and Bullying: the Rigidity of Today's Teenagers

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Bullying is exploitation force to intimidate or abuse others. Common in places where there are social gatherings such as schools, family, workplace, neighborhoods and even churches. Bullying is such a widespread problem going on in schools today. There are times it is swept under the rug, but it is time to address the problem head on. Knowing the results bullying will cause, that suicide is often a result of it, and how common it is in schools, preventative measures to stop or reduce bullying should be taken. There are three key elements to reduce the problem or even solve it completely include analyzing the warning signs, helping kids understand bullying, and keeping in touch with children.

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The 2017 School Crime Supplement (National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice) indicates that, nationwide, about 20% of students ages 12-18 experienced bullying. Your child can be one of these victims. Keeping your eyes peeled for warning signs related to bullying is vital. Due to the embarrassment or shame of being a victim to a bully, a child will avoid telling their parents. If you start to notice that your child has several unexplained injuries, you may be dealing with a bullying situation. Other signs like loss of craving or avoiding social things are also warning signs that a child may be being bullied. At the same time, there is the problem of child abuse, which can take many forms: psychological, physical, and sexual. 

Kids who know what bullying is can better identify it. They can bring up bullying if it happens to them or others. Kids need to know ways to safely stand up to bullying and how to get help. Encourage kids to speak to a trusted adult if they are bullied or see others being bullied. The adult will offer comfort, support, and advice, even if they can’t solve the problem directly. Encourage the child to report bullying if it happens. Talk about strategies for staying safe, such as staying near adults or groups of other kids. Urge them to assist kids who are bullied by showing kindness or getting help.

According to Kelly Wallace, reporter at CNN, “In September of 2013 at the age of 12, The school’s mean girls harassed Rebecca Sedwick to the point where she jumped to her death from an abandoned cement silo in Florida. Children look to parents and caregivers for advice and assistance on tough decisions. Talking on the daily can reassure kids that they can talk to their parents if they have a problem. Start conversations about daily life and feelings with questions about school to get them to open up to any issues they may be having.

In conclusion, the long term solution to the bullying problems lies in the effort of the parents and school. Child abuse and bullying can become rare if enough attention is paid to these issues.

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