Child Abuse: How to Solve This Problem

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The tragedy of child abuse and neglect should be at the forefront. Child abuse causes a variety of comportments that are conventionally deplorable, such as the lack of feeling loved, noetic illness, and fear. The act of child abuse in any form can impact both individuals involved, and society in several concerning ways. Millions of kids are going through abuse right now and nothing is verbalized. Kids deal with this abuse every day even when they are not being abused. The survivors have to deal with the side effects of abuse for a long time. Things need to be verbalized because we as a society can do something and transmute this abhorrent act.

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Believe it or not child abuse is more common than one thinks. We can make awareness of the child abuse and voice it when we see it. Kids when physically abused can result in lower self esteem and the kids will probe for attention in other ways. “As an abused child you develop a sense of lower self worth these messages came from the adults in your life who abused you”. Each day in the United States, where we reside an average of five children are fatal victims! It hurts to ken this and cognizance is power. We the people need to make a better vigilance. Kids abused to deal with mental illnesses all the time and we can avail by authentically training people on what to look out for. “Trauma and abuse are never anyone's fault, you can get help to heal the physical, mental, and emotional scars of trauma and abuse”. When people are trained correctly on these things and genuinely help the kids than they have a better chance of authentically getting help. Because kids will always blame themselves for what is going on, in reality, it was not. If the kids get counseling their better off in the future.

Abuse affects everyone and when the kids are younger the more negative aspect that the kids. “The age and developmental stage at which maltreatment occur; some evidence suggests that the younger the child was at the time of the abuse, the more likely they are to experience problems later in life”. Children are affected at all ages their is not really age when it occurs and the younger the child the more the negative effects from it. When people say something and voice what is going on then the child who is getting abused can get help. Child abuse is a national problem, and the national government should made a federal law everywhere in the United States. Kids should feel safe in the home that they reside in, the kids should not be afraid or threatened by their caretakers. “In most states, child abuse may be charged as either a felony or a less serious offence, dependin on the circumstances. The more severe cases can carry harsh sentences. Including felonies, and lifetime sentences. While the least severe cases are considered gross misdemeanors which could result in no prison time”. No matter the charge, especially against children should serve at least three to six months in prison. The younger the child the more severe the charges should be. Severe damages should spend more time in prison, no one should walk away hands free from hitting a child.

Child abuse should be voiced, so therefore there’s a law set in place for not saying anything. “Some people who fail to report child abuse or neglect can also face penalties and consequences in states which madatory reporting laws”. Everyone needs to have a voice, everyone needs the feeling of power that is what makes us human. If we speak, we can prevent. The sentencing for people who neglect and abuse their children, should be more serious. Instead of jail have them go to prison. We can be the movement! “After all, child abuse and the resulting penalties and sentencing, especially when the abuse occurs within the family, they have the potentional to cause some major disruptions to social relationships”. No one deserves to be abused, everyone deserves to be loved, and the abusers should be punished more than what they are getting. Because of them the survivors are dealing with that pain for the rest of their lives.

Kids are way out of control these days and harsher punishments need to be in place yo they will listen. Because kids constantly disobeying their parents and going behind the parents backs. Kids deserved to be punished but not neglected and abused, no one deserves to be abused in any type of way. Therefore, child abuse, in its variety guises remains a revelant problem in our society because it continues to go unsaid. Though there are several types of abuse they each have a disturbing impact on the survivors.    

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