Child Kidnapping: Unveiling the Tragic Realities

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Kidnapping of Minors: Legal Consequences
  • Jaycee Dugard: A Tale of Kidnapping and Captivity
  • Gendered Violence: Jaycee Dugard's Story of Survival
  • Law Enforcement's Missed Opportunities in Dugard's Kidnapping
  • The Truth Behind the Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard
  • The Risk of Kidnapping and Abduction for Youth
  • Jaycee Dugard's Life After Kidnapping
  • Conclusion
  • References:


Kid kidnapping or kid burglary is the unapproved evacuation of a minor, a tyke under the time of lawful adulthood, from the care of the kid's normal guardians or legitimately selected watchmen. The term youngster snatching incorporates two lawful and social classifications which vary by their executing settings: kidnapping by individuals from the tyke's family or snatching by outsiders. Snatching or capturing by outsiders is uncommon. A portion of the reasons why an outsider may seize an obscure kid incorporate, coercion to inspire a payoff from the guardians for the kid's arrival, unlawful reception, a more bizarre takes a youngster with the plan to raise the tyke as their very own or to pitch to an imminent new parent, human dealing, taking a tyke with the aim to misuse the kid themselves or through exchange to somebody who will manhandle the kid through subjection, constrained work, or sexual maltreatment or murder. While most sexual maltreatment happens in the home, there have likewise been various exceptionally pitched cases including youngsters who have been kidnapped and mishandled by outsiders. The going with Focus on Delinquency include covers this startling occasion.

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Kidnapping of Minors: Legal Consequences

Kid kidnapping is the unapproved expulsion or maintenance of a minor from a parent or anybody with lawful obligation regarding the youngster. Kid kidnapping can be submitted by guardians or other relatives; by individuals known yet not identified with the person in question, for example, neighbors, companions and associates; and by outsiders. The Child Abduction Act in 1984 makes it a criminal offense for anybody associated with a kid younger than 16 to 'take or send' that kid out of the UK without the suitable assent. A similar Act makes it a criminal offense for different people to take or confine a tyke younger than 16 without legitimate expert or sensible reason. Most of non-parental tyke kidnappings recorded by police are executed by outsiders or by individuals abusing youthful people. The offense of abducting is characterized at customary law as the taking or diverting of one individual by another, by power or extortion, without the assent of the individual taken or diverted and without legal reason. It must include an assault on or loss of that individual's freedom. (About Abduction)

Jaycee Dugard: A Tale of Kidnapping and Captivity

Each morning before Jaycee went to class, her mother would come into her room and kiss her farewell. In any case, on the morning of June 11, 1991, Jaycee hung tight and sat tight for her way to open and for her mother to come in, however her mom never did. She was somewhat disturbed, yet immediately expelled her mom's nonappearance, persuaded that it was not much. She got up and dressed herself up in her preferred all-pink outfit and took off the entryway. Her stepfather, Carl Probyn, was at that point working diligently in the carport, and could plainly observe Jaycee heading up the slope to the transport stop. As his stepdaughter moved higher up the slope, Carl saw a dark van back off, make a U-turn, and return up the slope after her. Jaycee saw the van destroy up alongside her and recently expected that the general population inside would approach her for headings. Little did Jaycee realize that she would go through the following eighteen years of her life in bondage (Copeland, 2018)

Phillip Garrido, a sex wrongdoer serving parole at the time, dismantled up by Jaycee as his significant other Nancy shot her with an immobilizer, rendering her totally numb and unfit to keep running for assistance. They snatched Jaycee and hauled her into the van. Back at the base of the slope, Carl could just watch with sickening apprehension as the van hurried away. Not squandering a second, he promptly hopped on his bicycle and attempted to pursue down the van. Carl was no Olympic biker, and, notwithstanding his earnest attempts, he eventually neglected to stay aware of the van. While in the vehicle, Nancy held Jaycee down as she fell all through cognizance amid the three-hour drive to Antioch, California. In the wake of three difficult long periods of driving, Jaycee eventually touched base at her new home. A cover was tossed over her head as she was guided to the terrace, where she was quickly bound and tossed into a solidifying, soundproof shed. Phillip promptly pursued her into the shed and assaulted her for the first time. Once it was finished, Phillip revealed to Jaycee that there were Doberman Pinschers positioned outside of the shed that were prepared to assault in the event that she attempted to get away. (Copeland, 2018)

Gendered Violence: Jaycee Dugard's Story of Survival

As ought to be evident Jaycee Dugard was a setback of Gendered Violence. She was struck and unequivocally irritated. Strike and vulgar conduct are not simply used by the assailant to subjugate and corrupt his misused individuals, it is furthermore used by the overarching society to manhandle women. Jaycee Dugard was attacked on a couple of counts by Phillip Garrido and even bore two adolescents for him and this began after she was gotten, and it was shown because she bore her first tyke for him at 13 years of age. Not solely is this ambush yet it is statutory attack. Jaycee was fragile to him. This declaration imparted by Jaycee exhibited that the situation she was in was unwelcomed, sexual in nature and there was a power differential, which are overall imperative to involve improper conduct. Around the globe, up to one out of five women and one out of 10 men report experiencing sexual abuse as youths. Youths presented to sexual abuse are generously progressively inclined to encounter various kinds of abuse further not far off. (Siegel, L.J.)

Law Enforcement's Missed Opportunities in Dugard's Kidnapping

The police had many botched chances to discover Jaycee Dugard. For one, Phillip had many amazement visits from his probation officer, who watched two young ladies going around in the patio and barely cared about it. For another, Phillip started to get indiscreet amid his various visits, notwithstanding venturing to such an extreme as to discuss the youngsters legitimately to the officer. Afterward, he would refer to his disdain of 'the law' as the essential wellspring of his carelessness. On August 24, 2009, Phillip conveyed the young ladies with him to the FBI office, since he trusted that individuals would be bound to hear him out in the event that he had children. As they all returned home, Phillip started to illuminate Jaycee about an experience with two cops on the grounds of the University of Berkeley who were keen on him. The exceptionally following day, Jaycee was in the terrace on the family PC when Nancy hurried to disclose to her that Phillip had been captured. Jaycee was promptly hit with incredulity. Nobody in the family knew the explanation for Phillip's capture, and they all chose to sit and hang tight for Phillip's call. After several hours, Phillip and his probation officer strolled in. Nancy kept running in energy to grasp him. The probation officer uncuffed him and educated Phillip to come back to the parole office in the first part of the day. (Copeland, 2018)

On August 24, 2009, Phillip Garrido, quite a while sex guilty party, left a four-page article at FBI central command in San Francisco telling how he had beaten his sexual issue and how his bits of knowledge could help other people. He additionally went to the University of California and inquired as to whether he could hold an extraordinary Christian occasion on grounds. When he made an arrival trip the following day with two of his little girls, college authorities wound up suspicious of Garrido and reached his probation officer. He was approached to come in for a meeting and touched base with his significant other, two youngsters, and a young lady named Alyssa. In the wake of being isolated from Garrido for a further meeting, 'Alyssa' told experts that she was truly Jaycee Lee Dugard, and the two young ladies were youngsters that she had borne Garrido, who alongside his better half was set under prompt capture. (Siegel, L.J.)

The Truth Behind the Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard

As the country before long learned, at age 11 Jaycee Lee Dugard had been stole, on June 10, 1991, at a school transport stop inside sight of her home in South Lake Tahoe, California. In the wake of being snatched off the road by Garrido, she had been held hostage for a long time, living in a tent in a walled off compound ashore the Garrido's claimed in Antioch, California. Assaulted over and again, Dugard bore two little girls, in 1994 and 1998. Law authorization officers had visited the habitation something like twice lately yet neglected to distinguish Dugard or her youngsters. In spite of the fact that Dugard helped Garrido in his print shop and throughout the years had been spotted and addressed by various neighbors and clients, nobody explored or called the police. On August 28, 2009, Garrido and his better half were prosecuted on charges including grabbing, assault, and false detainment. In the wake of conceding, Garrido was condemned to 431 years; his better half got 36 years to life. In July 2010, the State of California affirmed a $20 million settlement with Jaycee Dugard, to repay her for 'different slips by the Corrections Department which added to Dugard's proceeded with imprisonment, continuous rape and mental or potentially physical maltreatment.' Dugard has composed a book about her involvement so as to help different casualties of maltreatment. The Jaycee Dugard story stunned the country and chillingly affected the overall population. How was it conceivable, in school structures, or on school grounds since that is the place most ruthless delinquents are found. At school, exploited people might be chosen since they are viewed as reasonable focuses for school yard menaces. Research appears, for example, that understudies who are engaged with scholarly extracurricular exercises are bound to be chosen as reasonable focuses for rough exploitation. These understudies might be seen as 'powerless' and helpless against exploitation by propelled wrongdoers. (Hughes, 2011)

The Risk of Kidnapping and Abduction for Youth

A great many kids are the casualties of grown-up sexual stalkers. A standout amongst the most famous cases included Jaycee Lee Dugard, who endure being abducted, assaulted, and held hostage for a long time. She is appeared with Oprah Winfrey as she is exhibited an honor for her mettle at the United Nations in New York. Dugard plans to live sequestered from everything until her two little girls, who were considered in assaults by Dugard's ruffian, are more seasoned and can all the more likely comprehend the conditions in which they were conceived. (Crime Information and Statistics) The Reality of Child Abductions are that most children who are accounted for missing have fled or there has been a misconception with their folks about where they should be. Of the children and youngsters who are really snatched, most are taken by a relative or a colleague; 25% of children are taken by outsiders. Practically all children captured by outsiders are taken by men, and around 66% of more interesting snatchings include female kids. Most stole children are in their teens and children are once in a while stole from school grounds. (

Teenagers are also losses of bad behavior, and data from deplorable loss surveys can help us under-stand the possibility of juvenile misuse. As discussed before in this area, one wellspring of pre-adult abuse data is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an advancing supportive effort of the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Part of Justice and the U.S. Enlistment Bureau. Energetic Victims NCVS data exhibit that youths are extensively increasingly obligated to be the setbacks of bad behavior than adults. The shot of abuse diminishes with age. What makes a difference is especially striking when we differentiate youths under age 19 and people over age 65: young people are in abundance of numerous occasions as at risk to advance toward getting to be disastrous setbacks than their grandparents. The data moreover demonstrate that male adolescents have an on a very basic level higher shot than females of getting the chance to be losses of merciless bad behavior, and that African American youth have an increasingly noticeable plausibility of getting the chance to be setbacks of harsh infringement than European Americans of a comparative age. Youths are significantly increasingly at risk to advance toward getting to be bad behavior tragic losses than adults. They have an increasingly risky lifestyle, which places them in threat for bad behavior. They put a great deal of vitality in a champion among the most dangerous regions in the system, the area school, and invest energy with the most perilous people, singular teenagers. (Risky Behaviors)

The Conflict perspective spotlights on that in order to get society, we ought to appreciate the fight between get-togethers. The power social events will constantly endeavor to keep up their status through control, abuse, and control. By virtue of Jaycee Dugard, she was captured, abused and constrained by the Garrido's. The Garrido's, for this circumstance was the power gathering. It ought to in like manner be noted starting at now Jaycee Dugard was just an eleven-year-old child. Even more unequivocally the Conflict Theory on Gender communicates that men are beating women because of their predominant power. In light of this quality men will when all is said in done end up strong towards women which can incite viciousness. Phillip Garrido's quality over Jaycee Dugard made her vibe put down and lost character. His quality resounded when she created that he said to 'tell people that the young women were hers and that she endorsed of them being around Phillip Garrido.' By her synthesis this it exhibits that she was not content with this and dreaded what he may do to her if she didn't submit to his benchmarks. (Lewis, 2011)

Jaycee Dugard's Life After Kidnapping

Jaycee is presently free and is right now making an amazing most with her mom, sister, and her two girls. Adjusting to current life hasn't been especially simple for her, yet she breathes easy because of the unending affection and bolster that she gets from her family. Today, she battles to ensure that her little girls have the youth that she never got the opportunity to encounter. Jaycee Dugard is currently thirty-eight years of age and is doing her best to not enable her eighteen years of bondage to impede doing things that she never had the freedom to do. Only one year after she was brought together with her mom, she visited Nancy in jail since she needed conclusion. After gathering her, Jaycee could scarcely control herself as she revealed to Nancy that what she and Phillip did to her was not alright at all. She could tell that Nancy felt frustrated about her, however Nancy's pity just befuddled her. All things considered, on the off chance that she truly felt frustrated about her, for what reason did Nancy stay silent those years? Jaycee couldn't excuse her, disclosing to her that, 'You don't tail somebody aimlessly as they lead you over a cliff.' She educated Nancy that she expected to begin contemplating her future, on the grounds that Phillip would be stuck in a correctional facility cell for an incredible remainder. With that, and a straightforward farewell, Jaycee would formally divert her once again from her dim past. Jaycee is currently attempting to recover those eighteen years by carrying on with her most ideal life. (Copeland, 2018)


I believe that women should never be presented to these conditions or rather no one should be set in conditions this way. Taking the Functionalist Perspective on Gender, which communicates that the divisions of work and occupation detachment by sex are comprehensive measures of family affiliation and are utilitarian to the propelled family society would work even more pleasantly with individuals holding quick to their specific employments and less mercilessness would occur. In like manner looking experiences of women and men through the perspective of sex there should be five norms to improve society, the prerequisite for change, augmentation of human choices, transfer of sexual introduction stratification, culmination Sexual Violence and progressing Sexual self-administration. There are incalculable around the world which lead to hostile infringement being centered around the individual being referred to and most of them go unreported and altogether progressively unsolved. (Learning, L)


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