Childhood Memories as the Most Important Lessons of Life


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Childhood is the beginning of one’s life. Every child is pure-heated as well as innocent. Their heart is simple and all their heart longing for is the love from the family especially the concern from their parents. Love and care of family are the most significant factor which makes the youngster’s childhood memorable. “What is your fondest childhood memory?” There are many unforgettable childhood memories in my mind but most of them are related to my grandmother’s house.

Grandma’s house, a place where I begun the journey of my life. The house was antiquated and small. It’s made up of wood and most of the paint on the facade was chipped away. The house was surrounded by colorful flowers, greenery and other landscape. When I was a kid, I was an adventurous eater. I tasted all kinds of fruits and the edible flowers available in my neighborhood. The nectar of the red ixora flowers was one of my favorite “snacks”. My siblings and I would remove the filament of the flowers and suck the nectar from its base. It tastes sweet and it provided us energy at the same time.

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Grandmother’s house was flooded with warm and brilliantly sunlight. The sunlight slanted through the windows into house and it improved the air circulation of the ambient. A big shutter was installed in the living room allowed us to view the neighborhood as well as the surrounding. The kitchen in my grandmother’s house had brought us a lot of happiness and laughter. For me, the kitchen represents the spirit of togetherness of our family. The aroma of the breads always evokes my childhood memories in the kitchen. I remembered all of us would sat on the damaged flooring in the kitchen and made some pastries such as breads, cakes and buns. The smells of the freshly bake breads will attract our neighbors and we would share the food to everyone. In addition, my lovely grandmother used to teach us how to make murukku, a crispy snack originating from Indian. The concrete steps at the backyard where my cousins and I would sat for hours together to enjoy our teatime.

When I was 7 years old, I spent most of my time in my bedroom. The room always had a strong smell of incense when entered. There was a bookshelf in my room and it was my favorite reading corner. I do not know why, the odor of the old books made me feel peaceful and calm. Drawing, my daily activity on my agenda. When I was young, I would lend my sister’s drawing artbook without asking her permission. The artbook was really interesting and colorful. I gained a lot of drawing technique and skills by practice based on the artbook. My passionate in drawing were slowly developing at that time. Besides drawing on the papers, I like to show my endless creativity on the walls with my color pencils and non-toxic washable crayons. I love to draw my favorite cartoon series such as Mr. Bean and Courage the Cowardly dog on the walls. When my mother found out I was doodling on the walls, she would stop me immediately and encouraged me to appreciate the drawing papers that she bought for me. It was really sad when she asked me to clean the scribbles off. It was really sad when I had to clean the scribbles. When I was upset with the drawings, I would do something to make myself feel good. The only thing that I would do was pouring water into the tiny pin holes within the walls. The small holes were created by the termites which eat the dry wall. I found it interesting and fun at the moment but I did not know I was harming the termites’ life. But, that is the child will do when they are curious and know nothing about the surrounding.

Childhood is one of the happiest periods in a person’s life. They have nothing to worry about and they just do what they want. When I passed by the bakery shop nearby my house, it always reminds me of my childhood memories in my grandmother’s house. I miss my childhood and I really wish I could turn back time when my grandmother was still alive.

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