Childhood: the Period of Learning and Carefree Existence

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Childhood. We say that this is the happiest time of life. But we begin to appreciate it only when it passes or has already gone away for good. Growing up, we begin to evaluate the world around us and people in a different way. We become more pragmatic, not so naive, sometimes becoming indifferent and selfish. When I was little, life seemed somehow easy, and everything that happened around didn’t matter. I always remember my childhood with a smile and awe in my heart. I can not call it perfect, but there was very little of bad either. The memories of my childhood are the most valuable and memorable and are always associated with only one thing- with the country house of grandmother. In this essay, I will describe my favorite place where I spent my entire childhood and compare how it has changed for me over the years.

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Our family has a сountry house and this is exactly the place with which I associate my childhood. Every summer, when I was little, I went there with my sister and my cousins for at least two months of school holidays. Grandmother and grandfather raised us while our parents were at work. In the summer, we rode bicycles all day long. We loved to swim and sunbathe that is why we went swimming in the river every day. We constantly ran barefoot, played football and volleyball. I have never been bored in the village. After all, we had friends there, we always invented different games and spent most of the time outside. My grandmother had a huge orchard in the courtyard, where pears, apples and apricots grew, and my favorite memory, as I was eating them instead of lunch. In general, the whole village was very green, with a lot of lake and forests. All the neighboring children knew each other and spent time together. It was a very carefree and happy time.

But the childhood comes to an end. When I got older, I dreamed of growing up and becoming an adult. It seemed to me that adult life is much more interesting than ours, children. We have become much less likely to get out to the village and more often spend the summer in the city. Parents had the opportunity to send us abroad to the sea and the river in the village ceased to be so attractive. As a teenager I had many friends at school and I did not want to part with them for the whole summer and leave for my grandparents. More and more I wanted to stay at home, play computer, go to parties and do all the silly things that teenagers usually do. In the village, there were almost no friends left; all the young people also wanted to be in the city. And every time I went there, I was very bored there and I rather wanted to return to the city. I stopped noticing all the beauty that attracted me in my childhood. Those little things in life that are so pleased in childhood. Simple communication with family and nature faded into the background.

Eventually, when I really matured and learned to set my life priorities, the family became the first place. I learned to appreciate and enjoy simple things and value time with family. Now, with great pleasure, I come to the village, lie down on a bench under an apple tree and enjoy the silence. Whenever I feel sad, I want to quickly go to my grandmothers house, because here I feel comfortable. I realized that there is nothing more beautiful just to walk by nature, do picnics by the river and in the forest. Drink hot tea and fry the marshmallow on the fire in the yard. Just be closer to your family. I like to watch my little brother and sister growing up here. Seeing them the same as I used to be, running barefoot on the grass, eating ice cream and being absolutely happy.

In conclusion, almost everyone wants to return for a moment in a cloudless and carefree time, when it was possible to chase butterflies all day long, blow bubbles from the balcony and newspaper boats through the spring puddles, watch bright pictures in big books for hours. Unfortunately, childhood is not forever, it does end someday, and it is being replaced by an adult independent life. To be happy, it is not necessary to return to the country of childhood. Enough to keep its particle in the heart, and this tiny piece of the past, I hope, will warm my future life and paint it in the most incredible and amazing colors. We must remember it with joyful feelings, because these are the first steps in our present life, our first ideas, thoughts and desires. Take care of your childhood.

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