Childhood Vs Adulthood: Different Experiences of Our Major Times

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Childhood vs adulthood.  These are two major times in our life from making our lifelong friends, to making the most memories possible, to starting up our own family. I will show you the many differences between the two of them.

Childhood. What is it? Childhood is the time in all our lives when we are supposed to be listening to our parent’s rules ranging from what chores we must do, what they force us to eat, or when we go out without friends. As children, not many people listen to us, especially adults. We can say and believe what we want but, were not yet to the point where it matters. Whereas Adulthood comes along once you break the barrier of a “teenager” to some, you become an adult when you move out, or when you start paying for your bills. During this period of life, you are basically on your own. You start your career which means no more school, you start paying for your car, phone, house, groceries, and many more. There is no such thing as free anymore.

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Children and adults act very differently. Here are some examples. Responsibility, during our childhood we are taken care of, we don’t have to pay bills, we don’t have to do our taxes, we don’t have to work children have little to almost no responsibilities other than going to school. Whereas adulthood, nobody takes care of them besides themselves. We must be financially stable, we feed ourselves, we must go to work on time, we have to make sure we’re clothed properly for the weather, etc.

Freedom, it is a known fact that adults have more freedom than children. For instance, when on/ going on vacation, kids are not able to just get on a plane and leave or roam around wherever they want to go; children are vulnerable. whereas adults can go wherever their heart desires, they can get in their car and leave, adults can do a lot more than children. Another example is what adults can do with their days. If wanted, adults can go to a bar. Adults don’t need their parents’ consent to go where they want or when they want.

Furthermore, skills. Adults have more skills than a child such as understanding/ paying taxes, fixing a vehicle, or driving a boat. These skills adults accompanied are skills that kids have difficulty understanding or doing or are just forbidden to do, but kids can understand a lot more skills than adults. For example, in math, since most adults did not have a higher education or “upgraded” schooling, kids are more able to understand and accomplish these different math skills.

Lastly, growing older. As a child, you wish to become an adult for many reasons, but adults secretly wish they can become a child again to lose all the responsibility and stress that is put on their shoulders. As you grow older, you start to notice yourself getting taller, more facial hair, a deeper voice, becoming stronger, and much more. Whereas a child you have not even hit puberty yet. Adults become more tired during the day from exhaustion whereas kids on the other hand can go day and night screaming their heads off and don’t get tired. Also, getting older you have to start watching what you are doing, as a child you have this idea in your head that you are “invincible” and you cannot get hurt in any way possible.

In conclusion. Childhood vs adulthood. No matter how you grow up as a child or as an adult, there are always different experiences that will lead to either being the same or different. 

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