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Watch and Learn: Using Bengali Television for Children's Social Skills

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In tradition educators do not believe that Television is a good source for learning. But nowadays,The interest in TV as an academic medium has augmented for several reasons. Firstly, existing academic tv programs that were developed to enhance the literacy development of each youngsters (e.g., The Electric Company, sesame Street, writer) and adults (e.g., television-

supported distance learning programs from the open university in nice Britain, second language programs created by TV Ontario) are quite victorious in achieving their meant outcomes (e.g., Bates, 1983; Bryant, Alexander, & Brown, 1983; Soudack, 1990). Secondly, because television could be a terribly accessible medium, it’s the potential to achieve learners that haven’t been ready to participate in ancient adult acquirement programs. tv is accessible each in terms of its technology and in terms of its content. By 1985, ninety nine of all North American nation households had a least one television set (Nielson Reports, 1986). Moreover, viewers are intimately familiar with the content of tv and tend to associate it with pleasurable expertise due to its power to entertain (Bates, 1983). The event of recent visual technologies, (e.g., recording and playback, ROM and DVD technology, multimedia pc

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Technology) makes it potential to supply users with a lot of management and interactivity and so to adapt televised instruction to the requirements of a spread of learners and learning designs.

A question of central concern to educators curious about victimization tv for acquirement education is ‘what do individuals learn from television’? Also, this paper reviews how the psychology is being affected on children. Lastly, Bengali TV channels provide particular shows for kids and with the development of recent media channels, the shows provided for children increased. The paper tends to research the effectiveness of these Bengali TV shows and how they can improve children’s social skill.


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