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The Importance of Providing Support for Children with Autism

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This literature review focuses on how children with autism spectrum disorders are being supported. Also, it will focus on autism spectrum disorders and its many quirks of how children with this disorder works. The predominance rate of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has developed more than ten times in the previous two decades and is presently assessed at 1 out of 88 children. These predominance rates place higher teachers demands to address the core characteristics and to highlight the need for targeted support.

Children with autism often participate in about 80% of the general education that goes on in the classroom. After reviewing the literature, The following themes surfaced and are used to organize the study’s literature review: The needs of children with ASD, implementation of adaptations for ASD, Giving choices to the children, and Inclusion of children with ASD. According to Denning, C. B. , & Moody, A. K. (2013), the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are as follows challenges with different settings for learning (Keen, 2009). This can lead to the children not focusing. This is why a stress-free environment has to be provided in order for the children to function. Also, a stress-free environment helps the children process information better so that way they can focus.

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The implementation of adaptations is very important to how the child develops in the classroom. The adaptation that is important is giving the child a choice in the process of learning. This is prevalent in the topics that the child is interested in. Also, the way something is presented in can alter how the child learns(Denning, C. B. , & Moody, A. K. (2013)). The implementation of these choices can give the child motivation to complete tasks that they may have had trouble before. The choices that are made in a classroom can lead to the way the child feels about being included in the lesson. By making the adaptations helps the child be just like the other children. For example, using topics that they are interested in learning something like counting, it enhances the learning to make counting simpler to the child. Children with this altered instruction used what they learned to get in touch more of their interests. Once the other children see that this is happening and if they like what the special needs child likes than it makes that child feel even more involved and included with all the other children. In conclusion, Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are just like other kids who have needs and wants.

Children with ASD are often mostly like other children. Children with ASD just learn differently which is interesting because everyone learns in their own special way. This why adapting is important to the classroom because it can benefit everyone. Adapting the classroom gives choices for the child with ASD because having the choice can help determine what the child likes and doesn’t like. Children that have Autism Spectrum Disorder just want to be included and be like all the children because their disorder does not define who the child is at all.


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