China One Child Policy and Its Impact on Population Growth

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While it can help the overpopulation problem, China’s one child policy will just attract more problems. The policy will create more problems rather than fix them. From gender imbalances to erasing family histories. Although the policy can help the overpopulation conflict, China’s one child policy is not fair and cruel, because it’s not right to limit children, it prevents opportunities and limits families. “Human rights advocates have long blasted China for its strict one-child policy. Confronting an aging population and slowing growth, China’s Communist Party is scrapping a policy crafted to ease poverty and allowing two children per family” (Short of Workers,1). Everyone else in the world can agree. It’s also shifting the genders making the male and female ratio uneven. “The cruelest effects of this lopsided gender seesaw will be felt by the involuntary bachelors living in a culture in which marriage is expected” (Scutti,3)

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“China Masculinity is the crux of Chinese society sons not only carry on the family line, they also are expected to provide for their parents in old age. A daughter, once she marries, is obligated only to her husband’s family. In other words, parents cannot rely on a daughter to help them in their old age. This dynamic combined with a one-child policy plus the kind of harsh economic realities often found in rural Chinese villages does not engender much love for daughters. e social message: Survival depends on sons, and daughters are only a burden.” (Scutti,2) Most parents in china will always prefer a son over a daughter, the gender preference will lopside the gender amount and will cause more conflict in the economy and in the country. “This pairing of girl and disabled is hardly an accident.”(Scutti,2) Daughters are not expected to bring wealth into the family or to support the family. On the other hand, sons are expected to bring support to the family and are seen far more superior compared to daughters. “In China, there are currently 32 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls.” (Scutti,3) The male population is overwhelming the female population. An imbalance in gender can destroy China’s future. In the future not all males are going to have the opportunity to marry which can cause some men to be depressed and lonely. The low amount of the female gender can also raise up the crime rate by increasing prostituion, sex trafficking, and sexual assault.

“Every couple in China will be allowed to have two children, the nation’s state-run news agency said Thursday morning. The announcement marked the end of the government’s infamous one-child policy, which had been in place for more than three decades.”(China ends,1) After three decades of one child policy, China is finally deciding to ease on the one child policy rule by modifying it to a two child policy if one of the parents was an only child. China’s gender balance is improving slowly. The new policy helps lessen discrimintation toward a specific gender and the crime rates. The ending of one child policy in china The one child policy will be remembered as the most expensive lesson of foolish law making.

In conclusion, China’s one child policy was a big mistake since the beginning. The one child policy was initially implemented to reduce the overpopulation in china, on the other hand, all it did was create more problems for the government, country, and citizens of China by giving a rise to depression, crime rates, and discrimination toward a specific gender. China finally realised the mistake they have created, and that is when they decided to change their ways. Thankfully China has moved away from the one child policy and has implemented a better solution to their overpopulation conflict. 

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