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Fashion is the way of the world. All individuals are engaged in fashion in some way, like by simply deciding what outfit to put on your body for the day. I love how fashion is personal to everyone. It allows you to determine how you wish to present yourself to the world and distinguish yourself from others. 

Admitting that fashion can be complicated sometimes – there are so many presumed “rules” as to how to what to wear for different occasions, what is recognized to be in style, and not in style. With this in consideration, it is really difficult to know the do’s and don’ts of fashion, or if there are really any don’ts in fashion.

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I have been fascinated by fashion ever since my childhood. I have grown up seeing my mother sewing various outfits at our home on an old sewing machine given to her by her mother. As much as I love clothes and fashion, the business side of fashion is where I want to be involved, so a career in fashion management is what I want to pursue. The opportunity of integrating my interest in fashion with management and other skills really intrigues me.

In grade 7 my parents put me in a boarding school which was the turning point in my life. The change in the surroundings had a very positive impact on my attitude. This change in my personality helped me in bagging a place in my school choir and becoming one of the top 3 scholars in my grade every year. I was also member of my school’s debate team and the Library Committee (for 4 years). I also took part in activities like declamations, MUNs and drama competitions. For 2 consecutive years I was awarded as the Best Actor in my school. Whilst I would describe myself as a creative person but I am also very focused when it comes to academics. I achieved 10 CGPA in my 10th board examination.

In grade 11 & 12 I undertook subjects English, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy and Entrepreneurship and scored 91% in 12th board examinations. After completing my school education I was a little uncertain and baffled about my decision to go to a business school. Amid all this confusion I decided to take some time off and took up a job as a sales assistant in a local boutique store. With over 7 months of experience as a sales assistant I acquired invaluable fashion retail environment knowledge.

Now I know how to operate in several fields of business such customer service, delivery and visual merchandising. This has boosted my confidence and improved my interpersonal communication. All the school activities and the job experience have added a lot to my organizational and team working skills and helped instill qualities like sincerity, being calm under pressure and taking initiative in me.

All of these skills are relevant to the Fashion Management and will benefit me in a good way for life at the university. I am very excited to take part in all aspects of university life from social to academic.

The opportunity to study Fashion Management allures me because not only do I have a passion for fashion but I take great interest in what goes behind the curtain and the business aspect of the industry. I hope that my experiences along with my willingness will help me in earning a place at your esteemed institute and assist me bringing something unique and diverse to the subject as well as the industry in future.   

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