Choosing Between Pwi and Hbcu: Why Are Hbcu Important

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Deciding whether to go to an HBCU or a PWI has been a continuous debate in society. Who says just because you go to a predominantly black school that you will not get the same education as a person who goes to a predominantly white school or vice versa. The problem with that is people believe you should attend a school where people look like you but not keeping in mind of what you desire and what you want to experience. Considering I am a student at Jackson State University, which is an HBCU, this school like all others HBCUs’ offer an experience that PWI’s cannot offer. If you want to go to a school that holds you up to high expectations and also have fun an HBCU is for you. I will inform you about three differences that stand an HBCU out from a PWI: inequality, pledging, and marching bands.

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Inequality plays a major role when it comes to HBCUs and PWIs. Many people believe there is a higher chance of receiving a paid job post-graduation from a PWI rather than an HBCU. There was a statement on Twitter, that caught my attention. “Sorry to all of you HBCU goers/grads but just be realistic. What white employer would pick an HBCU grad over a PWI grad? Very few.” (Charity) @CharityCSports. HBCU colleges are known for being under-looked. People are focused on where you come from rather than your skill sets, and what you can offer as an employer. PWIs believe they have a higher level of education system compared to HBCU colleges. Depending on what skill sets and your choice of your major determine your ability to learn at both institutions. HBCUs have different ethnicities on campus, with no discretion towards anyone. If you are a minority at a PWI, you are more likely to get treated differently because of your skin color and race; as opposed to HBCU college everyone is most likely to be treated equally and fairly.

Joining a fraternity or sorority may the biggest accomplishment for some people. To participate in Greek Life, there are requirements that must be met. At HBCU colleges, you are required to have 30 credit hours to pledge, however at a PWI college, you are only required to have 12 credit hours. On top of that, HBCUs have caps on their line which means, there is a certain amount of people that can pledge. Meanwhile, PWI colleges do not have caps. Your line number is based on your height at an HBCU if you are the shortest you are considered the “Ace” if you are the tallest then you are the tail. At PWIs’ your line number is based on how smart you are. If you are the smartest you are considered the “Captain” the last person is considered the “Anchor.” Another interesting fact, you only have to be a second-semester freshman in order to pledge at a PWI college.

HBCU marching bands are better than PWI marching bands; that's not up for debate. PWI bands are more corp style marching bands. They play for quality, not entertainment. The PWI marching bands favor the military because of how conservative they are. HBCU marching bands are show style. They are a visual representation of the school. They sometimes can be what makes the school. Their performances are will always keep you on your feet with their passion to dance while they perform pop and R&B music. The marching style between HBCU and PWI bands are totally different; PWI bands marches are more precise and not soul-touching rather than an HBCU marching band.

As shown above, I have given three reasons for how HBCU and PWI schools are different. I am saying that going to an HBCU is better than a PWI because you will have an experience like no other and enjoy life attending an HBCU college. When attending an HBCU college it will give you a family atmosphere rather than a PWI college. There is no way you will feel alone at an HBCU, because everyone fits in no matter your race, ethnicity, or preferences. I spoke on HBCU and PWI colleges because many people feel as though the only difference is the race, it is more than that. In conclusion, if you want to have the time of your life and receive a wonderful education from teachers who really care about you choose an HBCU you won’t be disappointed. 

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