Choosing Your Dream Career: Why Do You Want to Become a Lawyer

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In order to build up a great career based on my interest, I am applying for advanced studies in your quality program, to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in law. Since A-levels I have wanted to pursue my studies in Law. My father is my source of motivation who is a retired from Pakistan Air force, who has always encouraged me to pursue my career in Law. I did my O’ levels and A’ levels with science subjects with a hope to become and Engineer one day but with the passage of time, I realized that this is not the field for me.

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Education has great importance in this era where our future is linked with the technology. Human societies will be forced to become more efficient and sustainable for a bright future. Education is a long-term investment for a shining tomorrow. Interest in Law increased when I met a friend of my father who is a Barrister and did his education from the UK. When we spoke about options in Law, the first thing he said to me was the quote by ‘Marcus Tullius Cicero’ who was a Roman statesman, orator & lawyer & philosopher; “the safety of people shall be the highest law”, if I want to become a lawyer. This statement got me really interested especially when we look around in our country where justice is hard to find. My motivation is to become a part of it and systemize the structure by putting myself in this corrupt & fraudulent system. I started my LLB at TILS Islamabad with a thought in mind to become a lawyer. Unfortunately, I got really ill and had to drop off from the program.

Apart from education, I was really good at sports especially Cricket. I was the Captain of my college cricket team for almost 2 years. Besides, my father owns a Stable in our village which clearly explains my passion in horse riding. My father, after his retirement, owns few family businesses which includes a hospital, pathology lab, marquees just to name a few. I am also looking after his business during my spare time mainly to gain some experience and to look after the corporate matters.

My aim to become a lawyer from the United Kingdom is mainly because of the high quality of education it is providing to students from all over the world. Our legal system in Pakistan is mainly derived from English model through the adoption of laws and structures. I feel that after a degree from your prestigious institution in the UK, I would be able to contribute towards society.   

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