Christian Worldview and Rule of Law


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Our modern roots are under the influence of Christianity, the Christian worldview provides a rationally sustainable way to understand the universe, the recognition of the law and liberty are legacy of Christianity, our individual rights and freedom indicate the existence of a supreme lawmaker. This assignment is based on the ideology of how we can use a Christian worldview as a basis of practice in understanding the rule of law, forming an argumentation between Postmodernism and the Christian worldview in understanding the rule of law.

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Defining concepts

A worldview is described as a thorough understanding of the world, especially from a specific point of view, whereas an ideology is a way or substance of an individual, community, or culture’s own thought

Christian worldview

The faith of Christianity is focused on the Bible’s scriptures and the unfailing Word of God. When you accept that the Bible is true, you must require it to be the basis of everything you say and do. Christian philosophy is a whole and interconnected structure through which to see the whole universe and not just a method of religious faith.


Century revolution marked by strong skepticism, subjectivism or relativism; general distrust of reason; and extreme attention to the position of politics in claiming and sustaining political and economic power. Fact and reality are considered in a postmodern society to be influenced differently by personal history, social class, race, culture, and religion. Such influences, help to shape public opinion and the significance of our lives.

Argumentation between Postmodernism and Christian worldview in understanding the rule of law

The idea of a Christian view of the world is important in politics and the political community and is primarily responsible for the formation of various life-determining human practices: wherever Christian’s ideals are generally accepted and practice sincerely attempted, there is a catastrophe in the world. We go with different conditions and particular challenges in our lives, God is linked in the world as Creator and Father. There’s a distinction between learning and following rule. The rules He generated are those through which He preserves all things. He does so because he loves them; he understands them because he made them, and because they appeal to His knowledge and strength, he creates them.

Nonbiblical views of the religion do not just remain in a book waiting to be discussed by men. We receive them through, videos, publications, articles, songs, newspapers, education endlessly. Post-modern problems have not contributed to a more stable and secure culture, as regards equality, diversity, and tolerance. Instead, a misplaced atmosphere was felt by the Postmodern Generation.

Inductive Reasoning

Since we reside in a bleak, fallen world, some concepts speak seductively to the needs of our flesh, and we often end up integrating them into our personal worldview. The rule of law can only thrive because civil authorities will conform to God’s higher rules authoritarian dominance of State law. Although the rule of God is always good, the knowledge of God is always perfect, human rulers are immoral beings who may have their minds dominated by the passions of the flesh.


Behind every legal order there is always God, whether God Himself or those who have power, the system becomes a’ god’ in itself if there is no final reference to higher rules and authority. Every time state law is considered the sole source of legality, civil rulers become all-powerful authorities on the individual’s lives and freedoms. For no legal protection can fairly be offered against injustice unless the sovereignty of the higher rules of God prevails.

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