Citizen Kane by Director Orsen Welles

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In the movie Citizen Kane by Director Orsen Welles the mise en scene was integrated in the movies very we. Mis-en-scene refers to everything present in a filmed image – sets, scenery, actors, movement, props, lighting, costumes, etc. In one of the scenes of Citizen Kane, Mis-en-scene is very visual and identifiable. The use of camera angles. Subject- camera, focus( depth of field), composition and light are very well done. The camera angle refers to angle of the camera towards the subject. 

The director used the eye-level camera angle because he wants this scene to feel as if the viewer has a clear view of the object and is seated at the table and is witnessing the scene first hand. Pan is when turning the camera on the horizontal axis, show more the scene or less. An example would be if you rotate your head from left to right 180 degrees. It was used to add to the feeling that the viewer is actually there because the speed and distance of the pan give the illusion of eye movement as if the viewer’s attention had shifted away from Bernstein and towards Kane. to just be fialong with some backgroud feautres.

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Subject-camera distance is when the camera allows the viewers to manipulate the distance through zooming in and out on the subjects. medium shot was used for the subject camera distance. Medium shots are used for dialogue. the reason the director chose the medium shot was that its main purpose is m for the use of dialog. In this case Welles wishes to draw the attention to the interactions and the dialog of the characters rather than draw much attettion to the backgroung since this is the point at which Kane is at his most vulnerable as well as this is the key moment where, for the first time in his life, he is feeling financal stress.

Focus is how well you can see the scene. Types of foucs that was used was depith of field, which length between the closething ojects vs the farhest objective, which allows welles to alter of perceiption of depth. Example would be,behind the 3 men there is wall with windows behind them, as viewere it seems as if it is 5 feet away. When Kane walks towards it is much longer than what is expected, its farther aways and higher, than expected. Kane shurken when he stands underneath the size of the windows. The meaning behind this was when,, he was left with nothing and thats why he was walking back as sign of emptiness. When he walking back he was happy which meant that was a comeback

The composition is when all the elements in a scene interact with one another. Density is how much visual information is present. In this shot we see 3 men in suits sitting at a table. There are a few props that used the table the ink the paper. The cabinet behind tge bald and chairs. There is a lot of negative unused space. The whole background behind Kane is all unused.

Three shot 3 ppl, why are they postioned that way? Why is bernstein in thr right side of the shot and Kane in the centre? The staging of these characters is important because in this case Kane be9ng in the centre makes him the focal point of the conersation because this situtatuon is affectiong him the most. Berstein is put on the right hand side of the shot because he is the narrator and we are hearing this story from him

Lighting low key light is is lighting asthetics when the shadows are enchanced and there is a greater contrast between light and dark parts of the scene,. When Kane walks away from the table his shadow on the wall, the lighting direction is side lighing. Additionaly light creates an enviromment. In this scene as a viewor we see Kane and he seems very dvated because he lost everything. Which envokes sad or depressing feeling and so the use of low key lighting effectively covey these feelings that Kane mus 

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