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City Control Due to Smart Cameras & Other Devices

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In the city surveillance the smart cameras installed at critical locations and street lights and important VIP junctures can enable in real time city surveillance using high end video analytics. Fog computing or edge computing is enabling the edge devices such as camera to become smarter and make local decisions of informing the authorities of conditions such as vandalism, crowd gathering, curfew monitoring, etc. The smart cities run on large info. cameras microphones and sensors unit of measurement a decent because of facilitate collect that info. there unit of measurement kind of the manner a city can use the knowledge collected from these devices to boost the lives of its inhabitants. the obvious: hyperbolic security.

A touch like catching criminals at the native store the pliability to seem at security cameras and look for criminals may be a vital perform of security cameras. however the matter is we tend to tend to cant potential pay enough people to sit down down and watch security feeds and look for crimes. typically often where analytics can are accessible. many cameras presently have the pliability to scan license plates as they move past a building. They’ll then check this against an info of cars that unit of measurement required by the native department of local government. they in addition ensure what times of day unit of measurement the noisiest. victimization this data may aid in making wide decisions that shrink the amount of noise in peak areas and times. The network video cameras are currently used in multiple cities around the world for traffic monitoring surveillance and meeting security needs. these systems have replaced to a large extent the closed-circuit analogue television cctv by andrea sorri not with standing the above the role played by these teams in relation to improving the functioning of smart cities and the way in which people live travel and work both in the present and in the near future will be fundamental.

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It uses vary from the implementation of knowledge systems cameras become an important part of Associate in Nursing operations centre for a spread of services associated with security energy health transit and transport to property urban designing through environmental solutions that monitor air quality noise levels and ultraviolet radiation. network cameras may permit innovative applications for commerce amusement and business enterprise particularly once combined with mobile and site technologies. these area unit a number of the samples of the chances of the technologies of video-vigilance applied within the good cities: virtual cities with period 3d maps: tourists and voters alike need to understand concerning the events traffic inconveniences and so avoid the foremost saturated areas.

The models of three-dimensional virtual cities that are delivered to mobile phones could provide information in a practical way in real time. the advanced software that the cameras integrate with the augmented reality technology can generate a 3d map with several layers of live data including video. the application areas of these live maps can range from security and protection to industrial health educational entertainment and advertising purposes. better communication with citizens: cities have to keep the population updated on what is happening. for this they need smarter tools to communicate with citizens in case of potential threats that may arise in certain areas. with screens installed in the main points such as plazas or train stations and through the information transmitted by the network cameras the authorities can show important messages that alert people and give guidance on the best actions to take. improve the satisfaction of the population: for many people the smartphone has become a basic tool for day-to-day communication.

A mobile application with GPS based location information could allow citizens to report defective or inefficient services at the time such as full trash bins or street lights lights that are broken. city authorities can verify reported problems using their network of installed video cameras and decide the best and fastest way to solve the problem. making the most of social networks: social networks are already crucial sources of information for police forces the media and users in general especially during any incident that is occurring. Once the city authorities have been alerted of an event through social networks the network video systems allow to collect the visual information instantaneously locate the problem monitor the situation and verify its importance. ultimately combining the content published on social networks with data from cameras smart sensors and other it applications allows authorities to take advantage of big data to better understand what is happening on a day-to-day basis and provide the answer ideal tracking and searching for lost objects: the keys wallets telephones computers and bicycles are among the items that are commonly lost in a city every day either because their owners lose them or because they have been stolen. undoubtedly citizens and the police would benefit from a system capable of tracking these objects using sensors and GPS technology.

The cameras can provide the necessary video support and allow the police forces or city officials to conduct a more detailed investigation. remote security for pedestrians: the streets or parks at night can be potential risk areas. to protect citizens in situations where they have to travel through these areas and make them feel more secure the authorities could offer a mobile application that connects users directly from their smartphones to the cites surveillance system. the integrated alarm function generates a direct link with the police. in addition the combination of location data and cameras with intelligent lighting allows authorities from the control room to track citizen movements and actions and escort them safely through potentially dangerous areas. reduce workplace accidents: video surveillance systems can be used to monitor construction sites roads and other work environments in order to prevent accidents and prevent unauthorized access.

They can also determine the security conditions of a site and activate alarm signals when a worker has a suspicious behaviour. vehicle parking management: finding a parking space in a crowded area of the city can be a nightmare. a system based on network cameras video analysis and auto counting can provide reliable updates on available parking spaces. the information can be delivered to drivers through a mobile application which can also calculate the fastest route to a parking spot through the persons current location. the same configuration can be used to manage sites for the disabled and that the routes of passage are free so that they can access the places. in conclusion there are many more areas of application for video surveillance solutions when they are connected to other sensors information systems and data analysis tools as part of a smart city network.

While they will always play an important role in crime prevention infrastructure protection and effective response to emergency situations it may be time to think differently and find new ways where they can make a significant difference to quality. of urban life. about axis communications axis offers intelligent security solutions that make a cleverly safer world possible. as a leader in the ip video market axis is driving the industry to continuously launch innovative network products based on an open platform offering high value to its customers through a global network of partners. axis has long-term relationships with its partners providing them with knowledge and innovative network products for new markets and existing ones. axis has more than 2 100 specialized employees in more than 50 countries around the world supported by a global network of more than 80,000 partners in 179 countries.


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