Civic Engagement in Healthcare: Collective Action for Public Issues

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Civic engagement is a process through which individuals or groups of individuals come together in order to find a solution or come up with ways that they can use to improve the society. Civic Engagement “is a process in which people take collective action to address issues of public concern and is absolutely instrumental to democracy” (Checkoway & Aldana, 2012). These groups of individuals can be involved in political or non-political actions that are aimed at aiding the society. When a group of individuals is underrepresented in the government it can lead to their needs being overlooked or ignored. According to Griffin and Newman, the issues of those individuals that are well represented in the government or overrepresented are heard and attended to quickly and more frequently (2008). In order to maintain a balance in the government and ensure that all individuals are equally represented, all individuals are given an equal chance to choose their representatives in the government.

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The driving forces that help some individual get selected into the government while others are not are their political manifestos. Political manifestos are the intentions and motives of those aspiring for a political position in the government. These manifestos lay down clearly what the aspirants aim to achieve when they get into their desired offices. In the upcoming U.S general elections, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are just some of the individuals aspiring for the presidential seat. These two individuals have their manifestos laid down clearly. One of the key elements in their manifestos is healthcare.


Healthcare is the improvement of how the body works through the prevention and diagnosis of diseases, illnesses and maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of people. Joe and Elizabeth in their manifestos have promised to improve the American health care system so that every citizen can enjoy affordable healthcare services.

Similarities Between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren on Healthcare

Healthcare Plan

Both Joe and Warren have clearly laid down plan which each one of them intends to implement once they get into power. Elizabeth says that health is a human basic right and that she won’t stop fighting for human basic rights. Elizabeth Warren has a $20.5 trillion health care plan that she intends to impose when she gets into power. She plans on imposing a huge tax increase on billionaires and businesses to pay for the “Medicare for all” but she does not intend to increase taxes for the middle class.

Joe also, on the other hand, has a plan for protecting and “building on” what Obama did by adding a public option to Obamacare and hence making it the best way to lower cost and ensure that everyone is covered. Biden’s plan tends to give everyone a choice of purchasing a public health insurance option like Medicare regardless of whether they are covered by their employers, buying their own insurance or going without coverage.

Healthcare for Immigrants

No one should be denied healthcare services especially in the case of an emergency. Both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren agree that immigrants should be allowed to access healthcare services in case of an emergency and the bills should be catered for by the government. Elizabeth argues that revenue can be raised from undocumented immigrants who are already in the U.S and also increasing legal immigration and hence the revenue raised can be used to cater for medical expenses.

Biden agreed that undocumented immigrants should have access to healthcare services. He told CNN during an interview that “In an emergency, they should have healthcare, everybody should.” He also said that all illegal immigrants should have a way in which they should be covered when they get sick.    

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