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Civil engineering is one of the most exciting, valued, and looked up profession around the whole world. The profession does not only just give the country an economic boosts, it also gives ease and safety to the lives of every single one of us. Also, the profession is not only involves in construction and designing buildings and bridges but also in a lot of things that we encounter throughout our lives like our everyday water sources, railroads, roads, space stations, airports, dams, and many more that contributes to the development of our society, country, and world. I can agree that a world without civil engineers is a world without safety and progress.

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Civil engineers given that the world needs and deserves them we also have a lot of responsibilities. One of these are when we are in a site we are responsible on managing, overseeing, checking, preparing, and ensuring the safety of the projects besides this the safety and health of the people especially workers should be put on the highest priority. Another responsibility that a civil engineer has is the responsibility to the environment. As civil engineers we should innovate for the better of the environment, protect and not destroy, and improve existing plans and projects to reduce any environmental impacts of sites. Another is the responsibility to one’s country’s economy as one of the most paid, most demanded, and most number of workers and students we contribute to a good part of our economy. Lastly, the responsibility to an easier life which we see daily in our lives like our ease on transportation from one place to another that if there are no civil engineers it would be difficult.

With all these successes comes with problems and conflicts that we already and soon will be facing. One is making a sustainable community that gives better and a lot of jobs, a better economy, affordable houses, and a cleaner and safer environment. Second is reinforcing structures and rebuilding structures which may be susceptible for damage and collapse or cannot withstand extreme weathers. Third is the growing population of the entire world which presents many different problems and conflicts like providing more houses in minimal land space, and with the growing population the degree of traffic goes up as well and the civil engineers provides the thinking, planning, and providing its solution. Lastly is limiting to none or minimal waste disposal from buildings since the common waste materials are plastics and other non-biodegradable materials which can cause pollution if a recyclable system is not planned of integrated.

Civil engineers is seen to be as the foundation of ones society’s development because it provides us with the things we need that makes our lives safer and easier and appreciation to the profession is greatly needed because it helps us individuals no matter where and what are statuses are, and civil engineers contribute to the development of a better, cleaner, safer, and easier life.

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