Civil Rights: "The People" Impact


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Protests were a way for “the People” to have an impact on the function of society, one example is the Boycotting of the Bus system that started in 1955. This protest was sparked by Rosa Parks’ act as well as another individual named Claudette Colvin a few months before her, by remaining seated after being asked to move for a White American, with a result of both of them being arrested. These events were followed by the boycott of the Montgomery, Alabama bus system. Word of this event spread fast and resulted in 40,000 African Americans boycotting the city’s bus system, with the hope to achieve civility and fairness to seats. However, the demands would not be accommodated by the city and the boycott continued with African Americans finding whatever way they can to get where they are going by not riding on the bus. Then in 1956 the case was reviewed and ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment was being violated, therefore the integration of the bus system was achieved. After the ruling people who did not support the civil rights movement became violent, nonetheless, the boycott eventually achieved success when it gained attention nationally and allowed for another breakthrough in the fight for equality and equal civil rights, setting the groundwork for the future of the country.

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Margaret Sanger was an advocate for civil rights and Women’s rights, more in detail their rights to have birth control. Margaret Believed that women should have the right to choose when they have a baby, so she started a committee for birth control called the National Committee on Federal Legislation. She also advocated for women to have more information on this topic through her news publications called “The Woman Rebel”. Her publication, however, got her into trouble with the law, by breaking the Comstock act, which did not allow the movement or flow of immoral matters or material. However, Margaret showed that she was able to create a space to campaign for women’s rights by finding creative ways to promote the idea of birth control. She made public strides to create awareness and progress.

Overall “the People” have composed great change throughout society by organizing boycotts, giving public speeches and creating organizations. The people involved in these acts pushed for a change in America and the way society was run which have been fairly successful. Even focusing on the individual Margaret Sanger who did what she could in Publication to provoke change. The power of “the People” is very influential in our democratic system, which has helped create our American society today. 

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